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19 Ingenious Baby Products on Amazon That Moms and Dads Swear By

Keeping their little ones healthy, happy, and safe is probably the ultimate goal of almost any parent. Luckily, Amazon can offer an avalanche of cool baby products that can help moms and dads achieve that goal with no unnecessary stress. Feeding, bathing, and teaching little kids can be a lot of fun if you have the necessary “equipment.”

We at Bright Side made a selection of baby must-haves on Amazon that can help you skip the mess and headaches of parenting, and jump right to its joys.

1. Hands-free feeding bottle that encourages independent eating (and no bottle throwing involved!)

Buy a Baby Bottle Holder:

2. Realistic toilet for potty training that has a flush handle and even a flush sound

Buy Realistic Potty Training Toilet:

3. Soft baby bath mat that fits into your sink

Buy Newborn Softspot Sink Bather:

4. Bedside bassinet for safe and peaceful co-sleeping that easily turns into a diaper changer

Buy Baby Bassinet Bedside Crib:

5. Knitted swaddle blanket with buttons that stays in place no matter how active your baby is

Buy Infant Swaddle Blankets:

6. Anti-slip crawling knee pads that can protect your curious toddler from bruises and scratches

Buy Baby Toddlers Kneepads:

7. Spill-proof portable urinals for boys and girls that can save your nerves when traveling long distances with little kids

Buy Portable Potty Pee Cup for Kids:

8. Pool float with a sun canopy for babies

Buy Baby Swimming Pool Float:

9. Popsicle holders that are specially designed for tiny hands (they also catch drips!)

Buy Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray:

10. Pouch filling station that can help you feed your baby with homemade purees and smoothies

Buy Pouch Filling Station for semi-Solid Food:

11. Diaper bag with a built-in bassinet for easy diaper changing

Buy 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Diaper Bag:

12. Head support that takes care of your baby’s neck while they are sleeping in a stroller on in a car seat

Buy Seat Head Support for Toddler:

13. Inflatable swim ring with a safety buckle for the tiniest of swimmers

Buy Inflatable Baby Swim Float:

14. Shopping cart hammock that allows you shop hands free while your baby is safe and comfortable

Buy BABY Shopping Cart Hammock:

15. Portable baby bouncer that folds flat when you don’t need it and doesn’t take up much space

Buy Baby Portable Bouncer:

16. Digital baby scale that turns the challenge of weighing your toddler into a pleasure

Buy Digital Baby Scale:

17. Bedrail that keeps your baby safe even on an adult bed

Buy Drop Down Bed Rail Guard:

18. Baby monitor that sends information about your baby’s vitals to your phone no matter where you are

Buy baby Monitor with Breathing, Movement, Skin Temperature Sensor:

19. Shower cap that prevents shampoo from getting into your baby’s eyes

Buy Baby Shower Cap Waterproof:

Do you have little kids? Which of these baby products would you buy right away and why?

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