20 People That Turned Ordinary Things Into Blossoming Art

The world is full of bright minds who can transform the most ordinary things into something as rare as hen teeth. Forget about boring cookies — they look way better with a pet’s face on them, and an expensive dress is way cooler when you can make it completely out of leaves.

We at Bright Side collected 20 photos of ordinary items that are so unique and perfect, they made us say, “Just take our money.”

1. “My girlfriend got me birthday cookies made to look like my cat.”

2. When you’re feeling like a Viking, but carrying an ordinary sword isn’t allowed:

3. Mario piranha plant slippers

4. “The tree was struck by lightning and had to be removed for safety purposes.”

“We thought putting the board there would be a neat way for the students to continue enjoying it.”

5. “A peacock shaped door knob at my Airbnb”

6. “Found this pan at an antique store and had to make cornbread.”

7. “A local Kmart has a doll with Down’s syndrome.”

8. Forget about classic racks, this school created racks for students to put their skateboards on during the day.

9. “Burgers that let Pokémon fans know they’ve got to catch them all!”

10. “The tiles at the National Postal Museum”

11. “This sugar cube shaped like a tea pot”

12. “This McDonald’s in Japan has some pretty cool happy meal boxes.”

13. “My cousin is wearing a dress made out of leaves from a local designer.”

14. Fashionable accessory for the best boys who find it difficult to keep quiet sometimes...

15. This might be the most interesting way to buy ice cream.

16. This instant ramen bed looks purrrfect.

17. This funny manhole cover in Japan

18. “This crane has a giraffe print.”

19. A real-life Thomas the Train in Japan

20. That must be the best way to start your day!

What’s the coolest invention you’ve seen? If you had an unlimited budget, what cool item would you buy first?

Preview photo credit davie1985 / imgur
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