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9 Outdated Winter Trends That Bring on More Harm Than Beauty

Back in the day, girls could easily walk in cold weather wearing short jackets and low-rise jeans. However, today’s down jackets look more like big blankets that comically accent naked ankles. We’re not always the ones who start trends because every winter, new things get on top of fashion drifts and the fashion world rarely takes into account the taste of ordinary buyers. But still, there are timeless, comfortable clothes that we’re willing to wear several years in a row.

We at Bright Side decided to recall 10 winter trends that didn’t suit many people but flew off store shelves nonetheless.

1. Plush fur coats

Plush coats made from artificial fur were at the peak of popularity several seasons in a row. However, today’s fashion experts say that this trend has started to lose its appeal. After all, no one will feel much warmth in such a coat when the temperature is below zero — unless the coat happens to be made with good quality materials.

Stylists recommend replacing plush outerwear with a classic woolen coat. In cold climates, a loose-fitting warm down jacket can become a good alternative to such a coat.

2. Tight knee-length boots

Tight-fitting boots with a high heel have been some of the most sought-after footwear for a long time. They’re typically worn with skirts, dresses, and tight jeans. Today, it’s loose boot types that are trendy — they don’t constrain movement and look nice in various combinations. Moreover, wearing them is way more comfortable and they don’t cause the feet to grow tired so quickly.

3. Shapeless clothes

Despite the fact that oversized clothing is still trendy, you’re better off throwing absolutely shapeless items overboard. Such sweaters often look unflattering, remind one of pajamas, and can even distort the ideal body shape. When opting for knitwear, opt for oversized looks that don’t hang on you or fit the body too tightly.

4. Sweater dresses with knee-length boots

Ultra short sweater dresses also made it onto the list of outdated trends. Some time ago, they were worn with high boots. Such a combination doesn’t suit all types of body shapes and can look bad if the person is carrying any extra weight. This can be replaced with a knit suit that has become popular again lately.

5. Parkas with fur

Parkas with a huge amount of fur, which are most often artificially dyed, are also on the list of outdated trends. A classic parka can be a good substitute for this. However, such outerwear is better to be worn in the fall or spring in countries where these seasons aren’t so harsh.

6. Short coats

It was not only short jackets but also short coats that used to be trendy. Start saying no to such items and shift your attention to more modern silhouettes, such as long, loose-fitting coats, for example.

7. Thin-fabric hats

Tight-fitting hats with thin fabric don’t suit many people — nor do they keep one warm in temperatures below zero. Moreover, they distort facial proportions. That’s why it’s better to opt for voluminous, thick hats.

8. Down jackets that are too big

Today, we still can see many girls wearing massive down jackets. However, times have changed, and the rule, “the bigger, the better” doesn’t work anymore. Many celebrities have already said goodbye to those giant jackets and replaced them with more practical models in terms of size and color. Now it’s time for other fashionistas to do the same.

9. “Creased” ankles

Long trousers that crease at the ankles aren’t pleasing to the eye and can spoil an overall look. Some people believe that this helps legs look visually longer and slimmer. However, that’s not true, and one had better opt for jeans and trousers of the right length.

Which winter trends confuse you the most?

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