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A Clever Planter “Reads the Feelings” of Your Houseplants Like They’re Living Creatures

Some people seem to have a “green thumb” while others struggle to keep their plants alive no matter what they do. The reason might come down to the soft and subtle communication between a person who pays attention to plants and the plants they care for. But anyone can grow their plants without any worries if there’s a planter that says what the plants are “feeling.” Lua is one such planter that emotes the condition of plants.

Bright Side is amused and excited to finally have a smart planter because it means that we don’t have to keep guessing what our plants need.

Your plants can now communicate with you like pets.

Lua helps to translate your plants’ “feelings” into emojis so that you know their current condition. There are 15 animations, but these 6 are the essential ones to assist you with taking care of your favorite plants.

  • Thirsty: If you see this animation, it means your plant needs water.
  • Sick: When your plant looks like it’s about to throw up, it means you’re giving it too much water.
  • Squint: Even though it’s smiling, if it’s squinting, it means that there’s too much light. Your plant is looking for some shade.
  • Hot: When it’s too hot, you will see it sweating buckets.
  • Vampire: If there’s not enough light, your plant will grow teeth and look like a vampire.
  • Cold: When your plant is cold, it will show a shivering animation. If you let it stay cold, it will sneeze the day after.

Keeping your beloved plants alive doesn’t have to be hard.

After getting Lua, all you have to do to get your plants to show you what they feel is follow these 3 simple steps. First, grab your phone and download the Lua app. Then you can choose your plant’s family, the exact type of plant you have, or manually set your own preferences. Lastly, get your Lua to read the generated QR code, and you’re good to go!

Once your plant is all set up, Lua uses a water level sensor, a light sensor, a motion sensor, and a temperature sensor to monitor your plant’s wellbeing. It also comes with a kind of water reservoir. This means that you can water your plant less frequently, but your plant still gets all the water it needs.

Lua makes your plants seem even more alive.

Since the planter has motion tracking, it can detect movements and follow you with its eyes. It can look as if your plant is watching things that move in front of it! You can even change Lua’s facial proportions to your liking with the app.

How good are you at taking care of your plants? Would you consider getting Lua for your plants?

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