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11 Everyday Items in Our Homes That Belong in a Garbage Can

We all love it when it’s warm and cozy at home, and every corner has its own mood and character. To create this atmosphere, we use numerous interior items and pleasant little things. However, there comes a time when there is no more space left on the shelves, tables, or on the balcony. And you have to move the same things from one place to another to free some space.

Bright Side decided to add more items to our list of things that are easier to part with than it is to find a place for them.

1. Luminous lamps and figurines

Ceramic, plastic, and wooden figurines or lamps that run on batteries and are designed to decorate the interior, as a rule, only occupy space on the table. The fact is that we usually don’t use our built-in lighting as often as we planned when we buy these decor items.

2. Old shoes

We often have a whole collection of footwear that has been worn for a long time but will definitely never be used again. We understand this excess, but every time, an inner voice persuades us to just move all these shoes to the far corner of the closet.

3. Chinese souvenirs

Unusual souvenirs of Chinese origin. We bought them with glowing eyes and childish delight, but after a couple of weeks, we simply stopped noticing them. Now, during cleaning, you have to remove dust from these purchases or move them from one place to another.

4. Old spoons and forks

A whole bunch of old aluminum or steel spoons and forks that are kept in the same ancient container. We no longer remember the origin of each one of them. Perhaps, we got some of them at a housewarming 15 years ago, and maybe we were planning to use others when we went camping.

5. Another bag full of plastic bags

Yes, exactly “another one.” From day to day, the number of plastic products increases, and the moment comes when you have to fold them into each other. And this goes in circles. When we go shopping, we hear the usual, “Do you need a bag?” And every time this happens we think about the heap that is sitting somewhere at home, taking up space.

6. Souvenir candleholders

Porcelain or metal candleholders designed for custom candles. They look beautiful in the shop window and on the first day after purchase. Over time, this design element turns into another dust collector.

7. Empty perfume bottles

The pleasant smell of new perfumes always cheers us up, and the bottle that is an unusual shape pleases the eye. But at some point, there are quite a lot of these bottles on the shelf, and there is not enough space for all of them. In these situations, the easiest thing to do is to send them to the trash can, rather than trying to neatly rearrange them on your shelves.

8. Newspapers and magazines

Numerous magazines about beauty and creating comfort in the house and a whole bunch of newspapers with a TV guide — all this gradually accumulates on the balcony or beside the bed. Most likely, from this heap of paper, you’ll probably only need a couple of pages from the tabloids to put into your wet shoes.

9. Old computer monitors

Modern technology has taken a great step forward, relentlessly displacing old computers from daily use. Many people have an old monitor with a picture tube in the closet or on their balcony — it’s heavy, voluminous, and collects a lot of dust. And the need to have it has completely disappeared, so you can safely sell it or dispose of it.

10. Cardboard boxes from household appliances

Every time we unpack new household appliances, we say, “We don’t throw the box away as long as there is a warranty.” And a few years later, it turns out that no one has touched this package. At best, the box will be neatly disassembled and folded flat, and at worst, it will be used as a stand for ironed items.

11. Rolls of wallpaper after renovation

House renovations are always a long and laborious process, after which a large amount of unused materials remain. We try to buy spare wallpaper so that we are sure we have enough of it. And often, after we’re done with the renovation of the walls, whole wallpaper rolls remain untouched and take up a lot of space.

What things in your house would you like to part with, but just can’t?

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