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14 Times Plants Turned Homes Into Scenes Out of a Fairytale

Climbing plants and flower pots are often used by gardeners to decorate houses and gardens. Although some people believe that climbing plants can damage walls, they undoubtedly turn your house from a dull home to a magic, eye-catching wonderland. The pictures in the list below demonstrate how breathtaking this effect can be if you give it some time and care.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at the most beautiful houses covered by plants we've found online. Read this list all the way to the end to get some inspiration for your own house and see a special bonus image.

1. Green House, Giessen, Germany

2. Luxury florist, London

3. Patio, Cordoba

4. Vertical garden, Madrid

5. A cottage in Sandwell, England

6. National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland

7. Wisteria on a wall, London

8. The hobbit house

9. Rooftop garden in a megapolis, Chicago

10. Vertical garden, Kyoto

11. Another English house with wisteria

12. An entrance to a house in San Francisco

13. A doorway in Tuscany, Italy

14. The largest shrub

Bonus: A house overgrown in ivy, Linz, Austria

This is what happens when ivy isn't being cut anymore. It took only one year for this ivy in Linz, Austria to cover the whole building. When it was decided to demolish the house, the ivy was taken down and the building started falling apart.

Would you like to live in one of the houses on this list? Do you have climbing plants in your garden? Share your pictures, impressions, and opinions in the comments.

Preview photo credit dittidot/ reddit, julieeea/ reddit
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