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16 People Converted Their Favorite Places to Show That Home Is Where the Heart Is

Some people are born DIY experts and can transform any cupboard or vehicle into a cozy living space. Their magic hands and minds convert an old bus into a fully functioning place to call home while being able to travel across the country. Of course, our accommodation doesn’t have to be fancy or super luxurious for us to call it home, because home is where our heart is.

Bright Side is celebrating some of the most talented DIY people who have truly proven that you don’t need a large house to be happy.

1. “My friend owns a cozy cabin in the mountains!”

2. “My cousin’s narrow boat”

3. “Interior of a converted bus.”

4. “My parents’ bath space.”

5. “My daughter’s Harry Potter bedroom.”

6. “I got married last month and surprised my wife by converting our back shed into a cozy reception for 2.”

7. “My apartment, a converted church from the 1800s, on a cold evening in London.”

8. “My friend’s balcony converted to work from home office.”

9. “My first apartment in Amsterdam.”

10. “The interior of our converted Ford transit connect at night.”

11. “Recently converted my deck into a bedroom.”

12. “Been living/working in a converted shuttle bus for the last 6 months.”

13. “Inside a school bus that has been converted into a tiny home in the Lake District, UK.”

14. “This house boat my friend is house sitting at.”

15. “My parents’ greenhouse converted into a cozy place! Love to sit here on a rainy day and watch/listen to the storm.”

16. “I converted my old wardrobe into a study nook!”

What DIY projects have you done? What do you think about living in a van or on a narrow boat? Please share your favorite room with us here in the comments!

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