19 Messy People Who Followed Marie Kondo’s Advice and Now Their Homes Are an Oasis of Calm

Making our well-being a priority is, by all means, the most important thing we can do. That’s, at least what Marie Kondo’s philosophy is all about and we have to say we don’t disagree with her. That feeling of joy and happiness is exactly what we are pursuing by tidying up each of our spaces. We’re trying to create an oasis of calm where we can get a little peace of mind. And with us, there are dozens of people that have shared their experiences online after they applied the knowledge of Marie Kondo when it comes to tidying up, organizing, and making your house as Zen as possible.

That’s why Bright Side wants to show you how some of them managed to make ordinary spaces into places that fill them with joy. Don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article that comes with a surprise for you!

1. “Converted my clutter graveyard into my bedroom!”

2. “24 years of ’I’ll just put it there for a minute’ finally clear and tidy!”

3. “With so much spare time at the moment, there’s a lot of opportunities to tackle my craft corner. It took a while, but... my embroidery yarn spark(le)s so much joy now!”

4. “Today’s challenge is called Under the Bathroom Sink, ft. all 4 of my bathrooms.”

5. “My room before and after being KonMari’d”

6. “11 trash bags full of donations later and I can finally say that my closet and everything in it sparks joy. :)”

7. “Spent today reorganizing my books after Konmari in a way that sparks more joy.”

8. “Finally made this corner into a cozy drink station.”

9. “After 23 years of stuffing piles of crumpled clothes into drawers, I dedicated the whole weekend to tidying up... My clothes finally spark joy! See during (left) and after (right)”

10. “Before and after of my seasoning area next to the stove. It now sparks joy!”

11. “Recently used the KonMari method on our flat in the UK! We weren’t super messy, but it has made a massive difference in our lives!”

12. “From clothing mountain to neatly ordered drawers, and room to grow. 7 pieces hung in the closet as well. Finally, a wardrobe where every last item sparks joy!!”

13. “My shelves quickly turned into a ‘keep things away from the cats’ space. Changed that today. There’s a bin now for cat-free storage too.”

14. “Marie Kondo made me do it.”

15. “My closet is no longer a source of stress!”

16. “The free yellow mirror I picked up on FB marketplace now sparks joy and looks like it actually belongs in my place! Also, today is free paint day at Ace Hardware, so I only spent $2 on a brush. 😆”

17. “White dishes of all textures bring me joy!”

18. “How I organized my papers, post-konmari”

19. “Spice storage before and after! Way more functional and finally sparking joy. 😌”

Bonus: 5 quotes from Marie Kondo that everyone should know on tidiness and cleanliness

Marie Kondo has written several books about how to tidy up your home, your workspace, and your life. She’s also written about cooking, origami, and even a children’s story in which she shares her philosophy of bringing happiness to any area of life through tidiness. The following quotes come from her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:

  • “Order depends on extremely personal values about how one wishes to live.”
  • “People do not change their habits unless they first change their way of thinking.”
  • “Effective organization involves only 2 essential actions: eliminating things and deciding where to keep them. Of these 2, elimination comes first.”
  • “Success depends 90 percent on our mindset.”
  • “What we should treasure is not our memories, but the person we have become because of those past experiences.”

What tricks do you use to organize your home? Do your closets make you happy or do you get stressed just looking at them?

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