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15 People With Fantastic Looks Who Seem to Be Straight Out of Fairy Tales

We do not know what beauty really is. We intellectualize that it is something we can never measure or evaluate. But the truth is, that our brain has an immediate response to it. This study reveals that beautiful people capture our attention faster than we blink our eyes. “It’s like magnetism at the level of visual attention.”

Bright Side adores beauty and can’t wait to share with you these 15 photos of people who stun us with their magnificent looks.

1. This is what Alice in Wonderland would look like now.

2. We can see the moon in her eyes.

3. You promised me a chocolate!

4. Hey, Siri, tell us where this guy lives.

5. “My heart is on fire...”

6. “Show me what you’re hiding in there.”

7. If you have sun-kissed friends who are still shy about their freckles, show them this woman.

8. Winter is coming, but we feel warm...

9. There is something magical about albino people.

10. Show us the door to Narnia.

11. Now we know what tree nymphs and dryads look like.

12. He looks like a Viking.

13. “Tell me everything about your life.”

14. Sweet dreams about dragons and princes...

15. It seems like they have stolen a piece of sky.

Do you know any people that you can’t take your eyes off of? Share their photos with us!

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