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23 Photos Where the Background Is Funnier Than the Main Action

"Look again!" we are told when we look at a photo and still can't see what's so funny about it. The same thing happened with these photos from the internet: you just can't immediately see what's wrong with them.

Bright Side found 23 photos with a trick in their background. There is also a bonus for you at the end of the article to prove that you can stay true to yourself even in the craziest situations.

23. "My sister was taking pictures of my nephew at school, and the little guy in the back looks miserable..."

22. Grandpa is ice cold.

21. Attack of the butterfly!

20. "Where has my beer gone?"

19. One second before...

18. "My cat wants those pancakes."

17. We can't see the faces of the girls in the background, but they express admiration, kindness, and love, for sure.

16. "Oops!"

15. "An inconvenient ripple in space-time ruined the night."

14. "Had a caption until the lady in the background nailed it for me."

13. It seems that Mickey Mouse is not as friendly as everyone thinks.

12. Take a photo of me like I'm a good duck.

11. "The moment my dog kicked him in the balls."

10. In this one, the front is more interesting than the back!

9. What? What flying car?

8. Hey, whose child is this?!

7. When high fives go bad...

6. What got this squirrel so surprised?

5. A treacherous attack on a human cub!

4. Unidentified Flying Sandal

3. He lost control at the dangerous bend.

2. It seems the bride won't be selling her wedding dress afterward as planned.

1. That's just wow!

Bonus: I wish I could be as calm and peaceful in dangerous situations as this woman to the left.

Which photo did you find the funniest? Do you have photos like this in your phone? Share them in the comments below. Let's have fun!

Preview photo credit SomeChefGuy / reddit
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