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14 People Who Captured a Moment of Happiness

Happiness isn’t something we see very often, but we can still take pictures of it. Even though these kinds of photos are now on the internet instead of in family albums, they still make us feel very happy.

1. ’’I gave my dad a kidney bean for Father’s Day. It took him a second but he finally realized.’’

2. ’’My 90 year old grandpa is sewing the holes my dog made in her favorite toy.’’

3. ’’My dog graduated service dog school yesterday and I couldn’t be prouder!’’

4. “38 years ago today, we said, ’I do.’”

5. ’’And then this happened... (almost 5 months old and taking his first step).’’

6. ’’Today is my birthday, and my boyfriend showed up this morning at 7:00 AM with homemade black forest cake from scratch.’’

7. ’’Yesterday, I informed my significant other I was completely happy. We live in a beautiful hamlet with a funny dog, we love each other passionately. I’m happy today.’’

8. “My beautiful ladies were so cute in their matching dresses!”

9. ’’Graduated high school AND earned my Eagle Scout the same day!’’

10. ’’My skin has improved. Seeing this old photo next to a new one (where I’m not wearing makeup) made me so happy I had to share it.’’

11. ’’Paid $2 to hang out with some budgies at the zoo. I guess they liked me.’’

12. ’’20 years apart! My uncle from 48 to 68, and me from 3 to 23. He was ecstatic to take this picture when we found the old one.’’

13. ’’My 92-year-old grandma said she’s never been to see Santa. Change of plans this Christmas.’’

14. ’’My precious grandmother celebrated birthday 105 today!’’

Which picture gave you the most feels? What is the happiest thing you’ve ever caught on camera? We’d love to hear your ideas and see your photos in the comments.

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