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“I’m a Guy and I Wish I Could Be Pregnant.” A Man’s Honest Confession That Caused a Stir on the Internet

Having a child can change everything for a family, but for this Reddit user, it meant realizing that he wanted to be pregnant with his own child, with all its pain and joy. In his bold confession, he opens up about just how much his wife’s pregnancy affected him and what he feels he is missing out on in life as a man.

We at Bright Side feel that this is a huge and topical opinion, and we’re sharing it with you so you can make up your mind on the matter.

1. I'm not romanticizing pregnancy and motherhood.

“I think pregnancy is wonderful. I know it’s not all lollipops and rainbows. I supported my wife every single day through her pregnancy and I helped her through nausea, body aches, and the terrible pain of giving birth. I know there are risks and complications and it’s not something everyone wants to do. I wish I could do it though.”

2. I cherished my wife's pregnancy, including all its ups and downs.

“She loved being pregnant. Every day we talked about the baby growing in her womb that we couldn’t wait to meet. Her hand was pretty much glued to her belly, always rubbing it and humming a song. The bond that is formed between the mother and child is simply beautiful.”

3. I realized that I wanted something I would never have.

"The hardest part about it is that I'll never be able to realize this wish and I never had a choice in the matter. Women can choose (in most cases) whether or not they want to become pregnant. I don't know how the logistics of it all would work anyway — maybe if we lived in a world where both men and women were built with the capability to have babies, kind of like seahorses."

4. If it was an option, I would be willing to have a uterus transplant.

“I know it’s not realistic, but if it were possible to give me a uterus transplant I’d consider it. I would go through considerable pain and effort if it meant I could get pregnant. To clarify, I am happy as a straight male and I do not want to transition to become a woman.”

People were impacted by his confession and showed their support online.

What are your thoughts on men having babies? Do you think he has a romanticized view of pregnancy and birth, or do you believe he really is missing out on one of the biggest wonders of life?