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“Our Oldest Came Out to Us as Straight,” Matt Bomer Shared How Parenthood With Simon Halls Has Shaped Their 3 Sons

A child doesn’t have to grow up in a nuclear family to be successful. Before LGBTQ+ pride, publicist Matt Bomer grew up in an unusual environment, but that didn’t stop him from going after the love of his life. He kept his relationship status a secret for a long time, but when the world found out about his small, happy family, it was a big deal. When he came out as gay during his acceptance speech at the Desert Aids Project in 2012, he shocked the world.

There are so many fascinating stories out there, and Bright Side believes that this couple’s story is one of the most interesting, so we looked a bit deeper so that you could discover more about this pair’s extraordinary experience.

Meet Matt Bomer, a man whose biggest dream was to become a father and marry the love of his life.

Matt Bomer’s father was an accomplished athlete who played for the Dallas Cowboys. Early on, his football-talented kid discovered an interest in acting. Bomer’s upbringing was filled with affection, and his parents provided a calm and healthy environment for their children. Due to his rather sheltered upbringing, Bomer was unaware of his real sexuality until he read Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart.

After reading the book, which was about the struggles of 2 gay lovers (an activist and a reporter who wrote for the New York Times) and the unfair treatment of men who loved each other, a new man was born. Later on, he even had the chance to act in a film adaptation of The Normal Heart.

Meanwhile, Bomer discovered that he was attracted to men.

The motivated adolescent eventually left his Texas hometown to pursue an acting career. Nonetheless, he attended the famed Carnegie Mellon theater program in Pittsburgh before beginning to build his résumé.

While acquiring a new set of classic acting chops, Bomer also reinvented himself and came to terms with his sexuality. His buddies welcomed him and joined him on his quest to achieve widespread acceptance. His family, however, took a little longer to choose love above their beliefs. Nonetheless, they eventually accepted him.

After his fame grew, he found the love of his life.

In 2012, Bomer’s sexual orientation became public knowledge, and he married the love of his life. The actor enthused over his tiny New York wedding, described it as a very laid-back occasion. He said that exchanging vows in front of an audience that supports and loves them unconditionally was a joyful event, which was beneficial for their family.

Simon Halls is the man who won actor’s heart. He’s a well-known publicist who works with celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and Jude Law to get their names in the media. For a long time, the pair kept their relationship under wraps.

His relationship with his family always comes before his career.

Kit, Walker, and Henry are the names of Bomer and Halls’ 3 kids. Kit is 17, and his twin brothers, Henry and Walker, are both 14. All 3 of them were born through surrogacy. In a 2008 interview, Halls expressed his delight about being a dad. According to him, Kit’s friends’ parents didn’t think it was a big deal when they learned he was expecting twins via surrogate.

A few years later, Bomer emphasized that, regardless of their circumstances, he would advocate for his children to enjoy a regular childhood comparable to his own. The father of 3 stated that he was happy to have been born at a time when the world was more accepting of individuals of all origins, sexual orientations, and genders.

Since becoming a dad, he has been able to reorganize his schedule and life habits, for which he is also thankful. Now he doesn’t worry as much about work or what the media says. Instead, he focuses on giving his kids all his attention and doing a good job as a father, which means spending time with the boys.

Some of these moments are captured on camera and published online. It demonstrates that despite his desire to remain under the radar, Bomer doesn’t mind sharing his enjoyment with the public, even though it’s rarely captured.

Matt Bomer has recounted the “wonderful moment” when his kid decided to come out as straight.

During an interview on RuPaul’s talk show, the Magic Mike actor discussed a recent chat with his then 14-year-old son, Kit. Bomer revealed that Kit actually came out to them as straight at that age. “He said, ‘I love and respect that you guys are who you are. I’m straight, that’s how I identify.’ And it was a big, nice, sweet moment,” Bomer said at the time.

Bomer said of his twins, Henry and Walker, who were 11 years old then, “We would be there with open arms no matter what their sexual orientation is.”

His grandparents taught him the notion of a successful relationship.

Halls was thrilled that his husband cared about their family so much, and it made him proud to be Bomer’s mate. He has nothing to worry about, as his partner is working hard to make their marriage work and keep it together for good. The star of The Normal Heart said that it’s his grandparents who taught him how to make a marriage work.

Bomer wanted to know what made them happy, so he asked his grandparents what the secret was to their happy marriage. They told him that it was all about taking things one day at a time. This has been the main thing that has kept his love for Halls strong. They also put the happiness and safety of their family first, which makes them a great couple to look up to.

No matter if a child is gay or straight, a happy family will raise a wonderful child. Were you shocked when you heard that this famous person was gay? Do you know of any other stars we could add to the list? Please tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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