Why More Women Are Choosing to Give Birth at Home

In some countries, 20% of labors are done at home, even though the majority of doctors believe that hospitals and birth centers are the safest places for baby deliveries. While women choose to have a home birth because it’s cheaper or because they want a more familiar space, studies have also proven that this type of labor has its benefits.

Because more and more women are choosing to meet their babies in their own homes, Bright Side gathered some information about home birth that can help you understand what this type of birth really means and why women are making this choice.

What does a home birth mean?

If you choose to have a home birth, it means that you have all the labor procedures done at your own home with the assistance of a midwife, a nurse, or an obstetric doctor. It should be previously agreed upon with the doctor that followed your pregnancy because some criteria have to be taken into account, as not all women are able to perform this type of birth.

With the increasing number of home births, researchers from all over the world have taken interest in this matter and found out some surprising benefits of this delivery method.

1. You can have more control.

At the hospital, women are subject to nurse interventions, interruptions, and unwanted people coming over to them all the time. But when at home, the woman can have total control over the situation. In fact, she can choose people that will only provide good support for her, and this can actually help with the process of labor.

2. Your family can be with you.

As you can have more control, it’s common that your close family are the ones you choose to be around you in this miraculous yet difficult time. Some hospitals limit the number of people that can be inside the room, and women often have to ask the hospitals for this information before choosing which one they’ll give birth in.

3. It can be cheaper.

In some countries, delivering a child to the world can be an expensive experience. Because of that, women are choosing to go into labor at home as a way to not break the bank. The cost differences can come up to thousands of dollars, and they can save this money to help with future baby costs.

4. You can do it without medication.

Some women believe in natural births, and at a hospital, it’s more difficult to have that. Most of the time, when choosing a home birth, they are also choosing a medication and intervention-free procedure, which means no anesthesia or C-sections.

5. It can be more comfortable.

At home, you can choose to have the labor wherever you want. Women can do it in the bathtub, on the floor, surrounded by pillows, or even in their own bed. Being more comfortable can also help the delivery to occur more naturally and easier.

If you have children, how was your labor experience? And if you don’t, which birth method would you consider?

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