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11 Basic Clothing Items Many Women Love That Aren’t Trendy Anymore

It’s common knowledge that a basic wardrobe should include quality clothing items that go well with both simple and designer clothes and will never go out of style. Well, this is almost completely true. That’s because these so-called “classic” clothing items sometimes fail to withstand the influence of time and eventually become outdated.

We at Bright Side have carefully studied the opinions of various experts from the fashion world and found out what clothes that used to be considered basic are now hopelessly outdated.

Nude tights with lycra

Stylists have long recommended giving up on nude lycra tights. Firstly, the shine adds volume to the legs, and the glossy tights also make the whole outfit look cheap. Matte tights, on the other hand, make the legs look slimmer and more elegant. When buying clothes for a basic wardrobe, don’t forget the rule — the thinner the nude tights are, the more elegant they’ll look on the legs.

White shirt with sewed tucks

It might seem that a simple white shirt is the best option for both business negotiations and informal hangouts with your friends. But there are also some nuances here. Shirts used to have a tight-fitting style along with several sewed tucks that were necessary to emphasize body curves. But today, shirts with more of a loose fit symbolize a relaxed, chic style.

Experts advise avoiding satin fabrics and tight-fitting silhouettes. To create a subtly chic look, simply pull the sleeves up a bit and add an elegant watch or bracelets to the outfit.

Knee-length pencil skirt

Famous pencil skirts are the clothing item that will be admired by both designers and millions of women for many years to come. However, stylists urge us to get rid of our synthetic skirts, which, although they highlight the body, look cheap and sloppy. The ideal pencil skirt shouldn’t be too tight or too short. It’s preferable to choose designs with dense fabrics that can keep their shape with a length that falls just below the knee.

Short fitted blazer

A jacket, as well as a trouser suit, could never lose its relevance. But it has also undergone some changes. Today, a double-breasted or single-breasted jacket with a semi-fitted or loose cut is considered a basic clothing item. And it doesn’t have to be oversized. It’s important to make sure the jacket isn’t too short, too tight, or boasts a slim fit.

Fine-knit cardigan

Every girl has likely had a knitted cardigan with small buttons in her wardrobe. It’s usually combined with a white office shirt and skinny jeans. Flimsy knitwear, as a rule, can’t hold its shape well, and the sleeves of the shirt worn underneath it constantly bunch up.

Luckily, today this model has been replaced by a chunky knit cardigan. It’s not too tight but not too loose, and it keeps its shape well and perfectly warms you, even in the coldest weather.

Cowl-neck sweater

It’s difficult to do without a warm sweater in cold weather. This clothing item goes well with almost everything from dress pants and tailored skirts to trendy jeans and flowy dresses.

But experts recommend putting a sweater with a voluminous hanging collar on the farthest shelf of the closet. Such an item often looks sloppy and adds unnecessary volume to the upper body. Replace this outdated item with a cozy turtleneck sweater.

Slim-fit leather jacket

The leather biker jacket has long been a part of the basic wardrobe — it can be easily combined with both simple, casual jeans and romantic dresses. The only thing that stylists ask you to pay special attention to is the fact that the jacket remains a little loose so that you can easily wear a sweater or a hoodie underneath it. A leather jacket that is too tight is considered an anti-trend today.

Tight-fitting down jacket

Neat, fitted down jackets have proven to be completely unsuitable for cold winters. Not only do they provide little to no warmth, but it’s simply impossible to wear anything thicker than a T-shirt underneath them. Stylists recommend choosing a down jacket according to this principle: the more air there is between the body and the jacket, the better. And down jackets that remind us of blankets 100% comply with this rule.

Tight jeans

The once-popular skinny jeans have sunk into oblivion. They were replaced by straight jeans and other loose models that are much easier to put on and don’t attract attention to the legs’ imperfections. The advantage of these jeans is that they suit both slim and curvy ladies.

Short ankle boots

Short ankle boots were close to becoming a basic clothing item, but today, they’re hopelessly outdated and have given way to shoe designs with a higher bootleg. But this change also has its advantages. Firstly, short ankle boots often look unappealing because they “cut” the leg at the ankle and visually make the body appear shorter. Secondly, you no longer need to try to figure out how to properly combine such shoes with trousers and jeans to avoid wearing bare legs in freezing cold weather.

Tight white T-shirt

A classic white T-shirt is probably the most common wardrobe item. But as it turns out, it isn’t so easy to choose the right kind.

The fitted model that emphasizes female curves is a thing of the past. A white T-shirt with a loose fit has replaced it. Sewn from fairly dense cotton fabric, it doesn’t appear to be sheer or fit tightly in the chest and hips — but at the same time, it doesn’t hang like a bag, and it sits well on the shoulders.

What item in your wardrobe is, in your opinion, timeless?

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