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12 Common Mistakes Women Often Make When Choosing and Wearing Swimsuits

When we talk about the beach or the pool, it is inevitable to imagine ourselves enjoying a nice, relaxing vacation. But in that time when we want to enjoy life without worries, sometimes there are details in our swimwear that we don’t take into account that can potentially ruin our good time.

At Bright Side, we believe that nothing should ruin your rest, so we want to tell you what things you should avoid when wearing a swimsuit so you can feel more comfortable.

1. You wear the same suit all the time.

Every activity requires different types of swimsuits, so you can’t go all your life wearing the same one. If you want to play sports, go for a one-piece or anything specifically designed for this purpose. Not only will you avoid accidents, such as getting a strap tangled in your arms or legs, but you’ll also benefit from their special construction, which reduces friction in the water.

If you just want to take a dip at the beach, don’t be afraid of wearing a bikini with an asymmetrical or tie-up design, or even a strapless type.

2. You wear a top without sufficient support.

If you don’t keep your bust size in mind when choosing swimwear, you could choose a suit that you’ll get tired of very quickly. Straps knotted at the neck or those over the shoulder that are too thin can be torture if you’re a woman with large breasts. In that case, you’ll be better off with straps that cross over the back or those that are bra-like, but with wide straps on both shoulders.

Triangle-shaped tops with thin straps and neckties are friendlier to small-busted women.

3. You wear oversized bikinis.

Sometimes, in an attempt to hide certain details of our body, we buy oversized bikinis, thinking that they’ll do just fine. However, doing so will only make you feel uncomfortable because you’ll notice soon enough that it will be swimming away from you after a quick dip. And if not, when getting out of the water, it’ll sag.

4. You always choose the same style.

By always going for the same style of swimsuit, you’re missing out on all the possibilities that today’s designs have to offer. Start with a simple change: if you always wear a 2-piece, dare to wear a one-piece and vice versa. This way, you will get to know which new silhouettes you feel more comfortable in.

5. You buy a set of the same size.

A very common mistake is to buy a 2-piece as assembled by the manufacturer. Since everybody is different, many times the top part may fit perfectly, but the bottom part may be too small, and you’ll only realize that when you’re wearing it. So consider buying separate pieces to make sure that the size of both parts is right for your body.

6. You don’t pay attention to quality.

If you buy it regardless of its quality, it can lead you to feel dissatisfied with your purchase. Swimsuits should be able to resist the sun, sea salt, chlorine from pools, and sweat, so make sure they are made with resistant fabrics and that their seams look of good quality. This will also provide a better fit of the garment to your body.

7. You don’t know what your body type is.

Knowing your body shape can make choosing a swimsuit much easier. For curvy figures, the most flattering styles are asymmetrical swimsuits with adjustable knots on the sides. If you have a more square-shaped silhouette, go for something that enhances your waist, maybe with draping or details that stylize your body.

8. You buy the suit without trying it on.

Just because a style or size has looked good on you before doesn’t mean it always will. Prints, fabric details, or cuts may mean that this time, the style is not the best fit for you. That’s why it’s important to try on the swimsuit. If you are in a physical store, simply visit the fitting room, and if you buy it online, look at the measurement chart provided by the brand and measure yourself at home to know what size you are.

9. You shave the same day you’re going to wear a swimsuit.

To have hair-free, smooth skin, you don’t need to wax or shave the same day you intend to wear a bikini. On the contrary, doing so could make your skin more sensitive to the sun, pool chemicals, sea salt, and sand.

10. You don’t pre-wash the suit before wearing it.

To avoid the colors of your swimsuit from fading at the first wash, you should soak it in a mixture of water with vinegar. This will also make the color last longer because these ingredients will make the pigments fix to the fabric.

11. You store it in a plastic bag when it’s still wet.

A common mistake is to place a wet swimsuit in a plastic bag. This causes the fabric to overheat and the plastic accelerates its wear. The best way to save your swimsuit is to wrap it in a towel or store it in a cloth bag and, as soon as possible, wash it and let it air dry.

12. You put sunscreen on while wearing your swimsuit.

Sunscreen and similar products are aggressive agents for fabrics, especially swimsuits. That’s why you should keep them away or make sure to wash the garment thoroughly before putting it away so as to remove any residue. Otherwise, the next time you take your swimsuit out of the closet, you might be surprised by the way it has stretched out.

Have you noticed any other mistakes you may have made while wearing your swimsuit? Let us know in the comments.

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