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12 Outfits of Princess Diana That Are Still Fashionable Today

There’s no doubt that Princess Diana of Wales was one of the first British “it girls” because of her countless attributes, among which was an incredible knack for fashion. That’s why today, more than 20 years after her untimely passing, she is still causing a great stir in the fashion world — to the extent that some of the garments she used to wear are still fashionable, which proves how her spirit is still very much alive.

And to prove that, Bright Side took on the task of compiling 12 types of outfits that Lady Di wore on different occasions and that have become trendy once again in the twenty-first century.

1. Bike shorts

2. White shoes

3. Collared garments

4. Color blocking

5. Jackets with overlay belts

6. Pleated midi skirt

7. Garments with polka dots

8. Off-the-shoulder cleavage

9. Mustard-yellow garments

10. Plaid suit

11. Bandeau bikini

12. Leopard print swimsuit

Do you have any of these garments in your closet? What other outfits worn by Princess Diana do you think could be brought back into fashion today? Show us pictures in the comments!

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