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14 Women That Hid Their Beauty Behind a Funny Grimace

Faces are a window to a person’s soul. Making grimaces is funny because it shows a completely different facette of someone, a side that we’ve probably never seen before. This being said, comparing a “normal” face and a “grimacing” one is as curious as discovering someone’s best-kept secret. Or at least that’s what some Reddit girls thought. They decided to share pictures of their “transformed” faces and their real faces, and we have to say that they successfully managed to hide their beauty behind a funny face.

Bright Side made a list of women that hid their beauty behind a funny face, only to discover that they were actually beautiful people with a great sense of humor.

1. “When I wake up vs when I have a Zoom call”

2. “My boyfriend says this is the only face of mine that truly scares him.”

3. “Having a flat face has its perks.”

4. “From butterfly to earthworm...”

5. “Here comes the guy you like, just act normal. Me:”

6. “When you forget to wash your face before going to bed”

7. “The duality of boredom”

8. “Chloe wanted to participate too.”

9. “A breath of fresh air vs ’What’s that God-awful smell in the air?!’”

10. Alright, say cheese!

11. Yep, they’re the same person in case you were wondering.

12. Makeup can be very confusing.

13. “I consider this an accomplishment.”

14. “I think I did it right!”

What’s the funniest face you like to make? Does your face change a lot when you make a grimace? Share your photos along with a caption and your answers in the comment section!

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