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18 Reasons Why Society Shouldn’t Question a Woman Who Decides Not to Have Children

For centuries, a woman’s life consisted of having children and devoting herself entirely to her family. But when she began to enter the working world and gain more ground in different social aspects, that image gradually broke down. That’s why many women no longer have the desire to be mothers, causing their relatives, friends, and colleagues to question that position, ignoring that each person has the right to make their own decisions.

At Bright Side, we decided to point out the different reasons why a woman can decide not to have children since no one has the right to judge and tell her how she should take the reins of her life.

1. Not all women aim to become mothers.

2. Their lifestyle prevents them from even thinking about motherhood.

3. Some don’t wish to bring more children into an overpopulated world.

4. Many are concerned about bringing children to a polluted planet.

5. Baby products are very expensive.

6. With children, it can be more difficult to travel and get to know new places.

7. They prefer to avoid the malicious comments that women with children often receive just because they are “mothers.”

8. Many women are terrified of the changes that their bodies may undergo during pregnancy.

9. It’s easier (and cheaper) to care for a pet.

10. Women without children have more time to devote to their careers or entrepreneurship.

11. If she has a partner, they can spend more time together and fulfill their dreams together.

12. Having children is not a guarantee that someone will take care of them “for free” when they grow up.

13. Not everyone feels qualified to raise a child.

14. The quiet life can change.

15. It’s easier to move when changing jobs to another city or country.

16. Motherhood is not the only way to contribute to society.

17. Many prefer to wait to continue their studies and grow professionally before having a child.

18. And those who have decided to do so had their reasons and should not be questioned.

How do your family and friends react when you tell them you don’t want to have children? What do you like most about your lifestyle?

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