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7 Korean Skincare Routine Tips That Are a Gem for Busy People

If you use different types of creams for different facial areas, you might make a mistake that can even worsen your skin quality. Also, you should remember that not every mask is possible to use more than twice a week.

Korean dermatologists know some simple but effective secrets of taking care of skin and we at Bright Side are sharing them with you.

1. Cleanse your face with only water in the morning.

Even a gentle cleanser can be too much if you use it twice a day, experts say. The best time for washing your face just with water is in the morning, according to an expert.

There is only one thing you should remember. There are some products that you can use overnight like sleeping masks. If you use them, then it makes sense to cleanse your face completely before applying any daily skincare product.

2. Don’t apply masks every day.

It’s better to use masks up to twice a week and not more. Only very oily skin types might be able to tolerate doing it more often. The only mask that you can use every night is a hydrating mask.

3. Exfoliate and then hydrate the skin.

Korean experts recommend that once you have exfoliated your skin, you need to hydrate it just after the procedure. The older you get, the more your estrogen drops and your skin needs more hydrating products. To keep the water in the skin, dermatologists suggest using products with honey, rose water, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin E.

4. You can use one facial cream for different facial areas.

Less is more. A Korean dermatologist shared that it’s better to use fewer different creams on your face. Before, she also had different kinds of creams for her eyes, for her forehead, and one more for everywhere else. Then she realized that this combination might give her acne and stopped doing it.

5. Use anti-pollution skincare products.

Koreans like to use anti-pollution masks that are very relevant in our modern world, especially in big cities. You can use, for example, anti-pollution masks with matcha or charcoal. For sensitive skin, you can use almond milk masks.

6. Use a technique of a double mask.

The skin under your eyes is normally very sensitive that’s why you need to pay additional attention to it. Korean experts suggest that while applying a face mask you can avoid drying the skin under your eyes by using an eye patch. You will get some benefits of double-masking.

7. Use a gel-based eye cream as a primer.

There is one secret to making your concealer go on smoother and as a result, the skin under your eyes may look fresh and bright. Use eye creams that are gel or water-based. Their formula may help reduce dark circles. Also, it makes your skin matte.

What is your favorite beauty procedure? How often did you use facial masks?

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