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7 Tips That Help Kate Middleton Demonstrate Maximum Style With Minimal Expenses

Kate Middleton has been keeping up her status as a British style icon for several years. When choosing certain clothes, the Duchess of Cambridge makes diplomatic declarations, expresses solidarity, shows respect, and promotes sensible consumption.

Bright Side learned tricks that allow Kate to look gorgeous and at the same time save funds on clothes and accessories. At the end of the article, we’ll tell you how the duchess introduces her children to reasonable spending.

She dons the same clothes several times.

Royals are supposed to have an endless supply of gorgeous dresses, coats, and hats in their wardrobe to suit any occasion. Moreover, the looks are usually not repeated, as one going-out outfit is only used a single time.

Kate Middleton ignores this tradition and appears at official events in outfits that she has already worn in public. As curious as it might sound, some looks are repeated as long as 10 years later.

She redesigns old outfits.

At a BAFTA 2017 award ceremony

At a portrait gala, 2019

When, for whatever reason, Kate Middleton can’t or doesn’t want to don an old outfit, she slightly redesigns it and gives the item a new life. That’s what the duchess did in 2019 when she appeared in an Alexander McQueen dress that she had already donned in 2017 at a portrait gala in London. Kate altered the top, having replaced the lowered straps with a classic set-in sleeve.

She borrows clothes from her mom.

Carole Middleton, 2010

Kate Middleton, 2012

When speaking for the first time to British subjects as a member of the royal family in 2012, the duchess came to the stage in a blue dress that she borrowed from her mom. Carole Middleton donned this dress in 2010 for the annual horse races.

There is no doubt that the mother and daughter were wearing the same dress — the British brand, Reiss, who designed the outfit, never repeated this collection.

She combines brand-name items with mass-market pieces.

When looking at Kate Middleton’s outfits, one might think they cost a fortune. But it’s not true. The Duchess of Cambridge often buys clothes in mass-market stores and can, for example, combine a $100 Zara dress and a $20,000 Alexander McQueen coat.

She also likes clothes from ASOS, Banana Republic, Topshop, and Marks & Spencer, and she supports affordable British brands.

She tracks deals in outlets.

A coat from an M Missoni outlet in Bicester Village

Don’t be surprised if you run into Kate Middleton while visiting one of the outlets in Great Britain. Despite access to the Sovereign Grant, which fully provides for the needs of the royal family, the duchess is not averse to saving money and often chooses things at a discount.

Her wardrobe mainly consists of classic outfits that never become outdated. That’s why there are always basic sweaters, tops, and dresses in places like Bicester Village in Oxfordshire available for the duchess.

She wears budget jewelry together with tiaras.

Kate Middleton in Accessorize earrings for $7

We’ve seen Kate wearing majestic tiaras kindly lent to her by Queen Elizabeth II many times. At the same time, the duchess can also be spotted boasting her collection of budget accessories.

She wears jewels from Accessorize, H&M, and Zara. She also buys available jewelry items designed by British brands, such as Spells of Love and All the Falling Stars.

She supports eco-friendly brands.

Kate Middleton wearing a jacket made from recycled plastic bottles

In recent years, the modest Kate has started to give preference to ecological fashion. The wife of the heir to the British throne often wears clothes made from recycled, environmentally friendly materials and makes sure that their production is not harmful to workers.

Bonus: Kate and William’s kids wear clothes passed down from older relatives.

Princess Anna with her nephew, Prince Harry

Kate Middleton with their youngest son, Prince Louis

Kate Middleton does her best to instill good habits and values in her children, George, Charlotte, and Louis. Royal children are no strangers to wearing the same outfits one after another. But sometimes the clothes of their older relatives, like their dad (Prince William) or uncle (Prince Harry), get into their wardrobes too.

It’s quite interesting to note that all of Kate and William’s kids first appeared in front of British subjects on the porch of the Lindo Royal Maternity Hospital in the same white knitted blanket.

Do you like Kate Middleton’s style? Do you think she shouldn’t save funds on clothes?

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