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What It Means to Have an “Old Soul” and Why It’s a Good Thing

Some people believe that an old soul is a person who’s been reborn several times, and had other lives in the past. So it makes sense that even people who don’t believe in reincarnation might call someone an old soul, meaning they’re wise and mature beyond their age. Unfortunately, old souls can sometimes feel misunderstood because they’re different, but there are actually many positive sides to it.

We at Bright Side believe that being an old soul makes you unique. So here’s why you should be proud of it!

You don’t care about material things.

You don’t strive to be rich, or to save up as much money as possible. You only need it to cover your basic needs, and a little bit of extra money in case of an emergency. You don’t follow every trend, buying a phone every time a new model comes out, or shopping for outfits that are only fashionable for a short period of time.

You choose things that work well and last long, even though they might be a bit outdated and not as pretty as they looked when you first bought them. Immaterial things matter more to you. You’re constantly looking for new things to learn, and you want to grow as a person.

You value meaningful connections.

Instead of having a lot of acquaintances, you focus on a small group of people that hold your interest and matter most to you. You want to build deep relationships with them. Your friends could be of any age, and have different backgrounds and experiences.

You probably gravitate toward older people, because your old soul seeks that kindred spirit. In your childhood, it might have been difficult to be friends with kids your age. Maybe your peers even thought you were awkward and stuck-up and teased you for that.

It might have also been because, in your family, you had to take on a more mature role due to some difficult situation. That’s why you focus your attention on and value those few people who can understand you and your situation well.

You’re an empath.

Old souls are extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions. If someone you care about is worried about something or going through a rough time, you feel their pain as if it were their own, if not more intensely. You want to help and make others feel better, and that makes you more mature in a certain sense.

You need a lot of alone time.

Others might see you as a bit distant and distracted, but in reality, it’s not because you’re cold or because you don’t care. On the contrary, you take in all the information from your environment and analyze it more thoroughly.

Your emotional sensitivity is why you need to take a lot of time for yourself to process everything and recharge. Apart from that, rather than actively participating in something, you much prefer being an observer. A lot is going on in your head, so you might spend a lot of time daydreaming, but this can also help you be very creative.

Are you an old soul? Or do you know someone who is? Do these characteristics resonate with you? What else do you think old souls have in common, and how are they different from other people?

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