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16 Couples Who Are So Different They’re Living Proof That Opposites Attract

Life as a couple is a roller coaster of good and bad moments. But even if you are different from your better half, whether it be in your habits or your size, love always makes any difference feel small and can even be the catalyst for oil and water mixing together.

At Bright Side, we love the stories of everyday married life, that’s why we collected some images that show us how yin and yang do exist in matters of love. At the end of the article, you will find a bonus that proves everyone has a match.

1. “What I pack for a weekend away vs My husband”

2. “My husband and I had a no recipe cupcake baking competition today.”

3. “Pictures my husband takes of the cat vs Pictures I take of the cat”

4. “My masks vs My wife’s masks”

5. “My girl vs Me spending money on water. Each one cost $4.5. (we cannot drink tap water here)”

6. “New work from bed machine vs Wife’s (M1 Air). Loving this t14.”

7. “My attempt at braiding my hair vs. My husband’s. He did his best, that’s for sure!”

8. “My first attempt at air-fried onion rings vs My partner’s attempt”

9. “How I eat my multilayer ice cream vs My boyfriend”

10. “1 week later me vs My wife. An experiment in brand longevity as well as habits.”

11. “My girlfriend’s tiny glove in my huge hand.”

12. “My wife laughed about our handwriting differences”

13. “My wife’s very long legs”

14. “My husband and I bought the exact same shoes, and mine are small enough to fit all the way inside his”

15. “I can easily fit 2 of my fingers in my husband’s wedding ring.”

16. “My girlfriend moved in...”

Bonus: “How my husband sleeps vs How I sleep”

What does your partner do that drives you crazy?

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