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6 Reasons Why People Post Things Related to Their Relationships on Social Media

According to recent studies conducted by psychology researchers, posting things related to our relationships online (photos, relationship status, etc.) is what psychologists call “dyadic displays.” Dyadic displays are expressions or behaviors of people who communicate that they are currently in a romantic relationship. The findings show that there are certain reasons behind this.

We at Bright Side are eager to dig deeper and share the reasons why, according to studies, some people tend to share their relationship status online.

1. The couples are very satisfied in ther relationships

According to one study, individuals who are more satisfied in their relationships are more likely to post images of themselves and their partner as their main profile photos. More satisfied couples are more likely to post dyadic profile pictures — seeing their Facebook profile may then remind them of their happy relationship and make them feel more satisfied.

2. They’re committed to the relationship

Researchers also found out that users who make their relationships visible online have strong feelings of commitment toward their partner that are related to connectedness. Moreover, this increases the likelihood of staying together for longer periods. The reason behind this is that visible cues (photos, status, mutual posts) likely induce people to perceive themselves as part of a romantic unit, thus cementing the relationship.

3. Some may feel insecure about their relationships

One study found that people who posted their relationship status on Facebook felt romantically insecure. The possible explanation for this is that because of certain societal expectations, people may post things that are not always true to show others that they are happy. This study is actual proof that you shouldn’t trust social media and that people who show off may not be happy in real life.

4. They have an anxious attachment style

One of the possible reasons why some people make their relationships visible online may lie in their anxious attachment style. Such people usually have low self-esteem and a strong fear of rejection or abandonment. So the more insecure they feel about the feelings of their partner, the more likely they are to share their relationship on social media. This is probably one of the ways they use to feel good about themselves.

5. They’re motivated to protect their relationship

One of the possible reasons why some people share photos with their partners is that they want to protect their relationship. By doing this, they show that their partner belongs to them to avoid any romantic advances from another party. And, in practice, this works — researchers revealed that people who view a user profile with a relationship status perceive that the person is in a good relationship and is unreceptive to romantic advances from other people.

6. Showing off their partners boosts their self-esteem

Sometimes, showing their relationship status can make people feel more confident. For some people, individuals who are “fenced off” are more likely to appear attractive and likable to a crowd, who think that someone else committed to a relationship with them. So you may have a friend who needs their relationship to appear okay publicly in order for them to feel okay about themselves.

Do you share photos taken with your partner online? Do you think it is fine to do this, or should people keep their relationship private instead?

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