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8 Habits That Might Cause Your Relationships to End

Even the happiest of relationships are sometimes difficult to maintain. People have different views on things, which can lead to major arguments or misunderstandings. However, there are also lots of more subtle things that seem harmless but they can chip away at your relationship without you even noticing. Those are, for example, tiny details like gossiping or leaving home without saying goodbye.

We at Bright Side want our readers’ romantic lives to thrive, which is why we’ve prepared the information about these 8 habits that need to be ditched.

1. Bringing up things from the past in fights

Even the happiest of couples fight from time to time because it’s impossible to see eye to eye about everything all the time. So when it does happen, make sure to keep in mind the goal: resolving the issue, not winning or just taking it out on your partner. This is the reason why remembering something from a couple of years ago isn’t at all useful and only makes them feel helpless.

2. Choosing bad timing for a serious talk

When it comes to serious topics that you need to discuss, be it money matters, long-term relationship goals, etc., it’s important to figure out the right timing. Make sure that your partner isn’t stressed out, tired, or upset. This might make things unnecessarily more complicated. Also, it’s vital to use the right tone: even the most serious discussions don’t have to turn into fights.

3. Making assumptions about your partner’s feelings instead of asking directly

Even if you think that you know your partner inside out, this simply can’t be the case: everyone looks at things in life through their own unique perspective and system of values. So if you assume to know what your significant other thinks or feels, it can lead to you shutting down (you essentially stop making the effort to connect), creating conflict, and feeling lonely.

4. Criticizing your partner’s family members

The topic of family comes up in any relationship. However, it is not uncommon to have a different outlook on life compared to your family members or those of your partner. This might lead to misunderstanding or even conflict. Either way, it is extremely important to remember that these people are a big part of your husband or wife.

When discussing something that’s bothering you, remember to opt for complaining and critique — not criticism. The difference between those is that the first 2 are directed toward a specific issue that can be changed. Criticism, on the other hand, attacks the personality of others.

5. Avoiding talking about money

As many as 7 couples out of 10 have money-related problems, so it’s safe to say that the issue is very important. Of course, not everyone is keen on discussing this matter, but you have to be patient and persistent to avoid problems in the future. Experts recommend coming up with specific rules and spending limits that are convenient for both of you, and discussing any controversial issues together.

6. Leaving home without acknowledging your partner

Doing this, even though it might seem pretty harmless, is a potential sign of avoiding communication. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, simple things like the way you’re leaving for work in the morning can make or break the relationship. So don’t leave without giving your significant other a loving touch or a few warm words.

7. Trying to bottle up your anger

Suppressing your emotions instead of processing them is very harmful, both for your relationships and your mental health. If you bottle up anger, you might start feeling anxious, lashing out at your partner, getting frequent headaches, etc. This makes it very hard to react adequately to various irritations and as a result, your relationship might suffer.

8. Criticizing or gossiping about your partner’s friends

Despite the fact that gossiping doesn’t seem to be that bad, and even has some advantages, saying bad things about the people who your significant other loves is never a good idea. Once again, critique is fine when done correctly, but gossiping turns you into a person that can’t be trusted in your partner’s eyes. What is more, it affects your health badly and can lead to exhaustion, anxiety, etc.

Which of these or any other habits do you find the most detrimental to romantic relationships?

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