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10 Most Wished For Handmade Items on Amazon Today

You might not know that Amazon has a dedicated section for sellers to display their handmade products. If you don’t, you’re missing out on some creative, budget-friendly products that could really tickle your fancy.

Here at Bright Side, we encourage creativity, and today, we’re going to show you some of the most desired handmade products on Amazon. Let’s get straight to it.

1. This beautiful necklace with a real dandelion

Buy this necklace from Amazon here.

Thoughtful gift

This necklace pendant is made from 925 sterling silver, which makes it particularly shiny. The dandelion represents good luck and hope, with each one being entirely unique.

2. A console table with hairpin legs

Buy this console table from Amazon here.

Pine wood

This console table has a rustic feel, and each one has unique grain patterns. It feels smooth to the touch and the steel legs are built to last.

3. A natural deodorant made from cedarwood

Buy this natural deodorant from Amazon here.


This handcrafted deodorant is free of synthetic chemicals, as it simply contains soothing butter and oils, absorbing clay, and essential oils that mask bad odors.

4. A gold-filled nose ring

Buy this nose ring from Amazon here.

Tarnish resistant

This nose ring is currently ranked #1 in Amazon’s handmade piercing category, with positive reviews coming in every day.

5. A cute token for a loved one or significant other

Buy this token from Amazon here.

Engraved wood

This is a very thoughtful gift to show your loved ones that they really matter. You can give one to your kid to take to school so they feel supported and loved.

6. A boho purse made from cotton

Buy this boho purse from Amazon here.

Fair trade

The producers of this purse get their material from fabric woven by the Hmong tribe in Northern Thailand. It includes a zipper pocket and 8 card slots.

7. A unisex anklet to stand out

Buy this anklet from Amazon here.


This adjustable handmade anklet is great to wear at the beach. It’s skin-friendly and comes in 7 different color schemes.

8. A colorful personalized keyring that’s great for kids

Buy this personalized keyring from Amazon here.

Back-to-school gift

These versatile personalized keyrings are also great for traveling as they allow you to easily identify your luggage. They are made of lightweight, hard plastic.

9. A personalized music album cover with the song of your choice

Buy this personalized music album cover here.

High quality

Any big music fan would absolutely love this creative gift. It is made from German milled gloss paper but the frame isn’t included.

10. Personalized sports bags for your kids’ extracurricular activities

Buy these personalized sports bags on Amazon here.


You’ll never confuse your kids’ bags again with these personalized rucksacks. They are highly customizable with 35 different colors to choose from.

What cool items have you created with your own hands?

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