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14 Amazon Gift Ideas That Are Eco-Friendly

All over the world, 1.5 billion single-use plastic cotton buds are produced each day. Let’s start with a small step and switch to ecological substitutes for everyday products.

We at Bright Side selected gifts for your loved ones, as well as yourselves, that our planet would later thank you for.

1. No more plastic iPhone cases!

Material: wheat straw

2. Your oral hygiene will be even healthier

Materials: bamboo charcoal and wood

3. Flowers will be happy to grow in a natural stand.

Material: wood

4. You will take care of your clothes and the environment at the same time.

Material: cotton

5. A set of natural brushes will serve you much longer than plastic ones!

Materials: wood, sisal fibers, and coconut husks

6. An eco way to give flowers to your loved ones

Material: cardboard

7. The comb slides effortlessly through hair, preventing any breakage or snapping.

Material: biodegradable PLA

8. Use washable tissues instead of a bunch of disposable ones.

Materials: cotton, cardboard, and paper

9. Everything you need to cleanse your face in eco form

Materials: bamboo, cotton

10. The ingenious way of growing avocados at home

Material: biodegradable cork

11. A sponge with a spa-like effect!

Material: loofah and terry cloth

12. All your essentials will be in one elegant place.

Material: wood

13. A set of a notebook and 10 pens will be a perfect gift for anyone.

Material: kraft paper

14. You won’t have to buy a ton of disposable Q-tips to clean your ears anymore!

Materials: bamboo, medical grade silicone

What ways have you already started using to help the planet from pollution? Or what products would you start with?

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