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15 High-Tech Gadgets on Amazon That Any Woman Would Love as a Gift

Sometimes, it really feels like we are living in the future. So when picking out your next gift, why not go for something high-tech that will dazzle your loved one or significant other? How about a levitating plant, for instance? Yes, it exists!

Here at Bright Side, we are always on the lookout for new gadgets and technologies, and today we are going to make picking out your next gift a much simpler task. Let’s get straight to it!

1. A facial toning device that reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Buy the facial toning device from Amazon here.

Esthetician approved

In a clinical study done by the suppliers, 80% of participants claimed they saw significant improvements in their facial contour.

2. A Phonesoap that kills 99.9% of bacteria with UV light

Buy this phone sanitizer from Amazon here.

Fits any phone

Did you know that your phone carries 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? Aside from sanitizing your phone, this device also works as a charger.

3. A levitating plant pot that will jazz up any living room

Buy the plant pot from Amazon here.

1-year warranty

This eye-catching plant pot smoothly rotates while being suspended in the air. We really are living in the future!

4. A comfortable wireless neckband speaker

Buy the speaker from Amazon here.


With only a 10-minute charge, this device can run for up to an hour, and when fully charged, the battery lasts 20 hours.

5. A smart reusable notebook to avoid waste

Get the notebook from Amazon here.

AI technology

According to the suppliers, this is the world’s first endlessly reusable journal.

6. A massaging device used by physical therapists

Get the massaging device from Amazon here.

Amazon’s choice

This massaging device is also approved by over 250 professional sports teams, so you can bet it’s the real deal.

7. A Portal created by Meta for smart video calling

Buy the Portal from Amazon here.

Quick setup

This device has a smart camera that moves to keep you in frame, and it allows you to call anyone anywhere using WhatsApp or Zoom even if they don’t have Portal.

8. A beautiful towel warmer that will look great in any bathroom

Buy this towel warmer from Amazon here.

Extra-large capacity

This towel warmer evenly heats your towels inside and out and it features an elegant bamboo handle and feet.

9. A jewelry cleaner that can also sanitize other small items

Buy this jewelry cleaner from Amazon here.

Portable design

Thanks to its nondestructive cleaning system, this jewelry cleaner can easily remove stains without ever damaging the item you are sanitizing.

10. A self-watering indoor herb garden

Buy this herb garden from Amazon here.

Easy to use

Thanks to its LED system that makes sure your plant is always getting the light it needs, this herb garden allows you to grow fruit and vegetables indoors.

11. A voice-activated stainless steel bin

Buy the bin from Amazon here.


With this futuristic-looking bin, all you need to do is say, “Open can” and throw trash at it. You can also simply put your hand above it and it will open. Wow!

12. A facial steamer to unclog pores

Buy the facial steamer from Amazon here.


This steamer can also be used as a home humidifier or a towel warmer.

13. A little tracker to find lost items using Bluetooth

Buy the tracker from Amazon here.

Pack of 2

If your item isn’t in range and can’t be found using Bluetooth, you can use the Tile app to find its most recent location.

14. A height-adjustable standing desk that is great for anyone who works from home

Get this desk from Amazon here.

Electric lift system

This rustic-looking desk is very easy to assemble, and it features 2 desk hooks, a cable management tray, and anti-collision technology.

15. A gorgeous sunrise light that will look great on your bedside table

Buy the sunrise light from Amazon here.

7 colors

This beautiful sunrise light can be used as an alarm, a radio, a clock, or a reading lamp, and it can even be used to set the mood.

What was the most futuristic gadget you’ve ever gotten as a gift?

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