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5 Amazon Items That Save Time and Turn Cleaning Into a Fun Activity

According to a study, 52% of people spend 1 or 2 hours cleaning before guests arrive. 72% of us have found little workarounds to keep up the tidy appearance of our homes, like storing things in a junk room, lighting a scented candle, or hiding things under the bed. For some of us, having someone over is the perfect excuse and motivation to finally make our home clean, fresh, and spotless.

Bright Side found 5 products that are so fun, you won’t need any more excuses to clean your home.

1. The original Scrub Daddy

If you’re familiar with Shark Tank, you might remember this product. Aaron Krause, the inventor of this magic sponge, went on the TV show and scored a winning deal.

The 2-in-1 scrubber/sponge has a flexible texture — it gets soft in warm water and rock-hard in cold. Its ergonomic design is fully functional — its eyes can be used for 360-degree cleaning, and its smile can perfectly clean a greasy spoon and other utensils in just one motion. Odor and stain-resistant, this super-absorbent sponge will honestly change your life.

Customer review:

Never did I think a sponge would dramatically improve my life, and yet here we are.

Absolutely fantastic product. I rent, and the shower door has had stubborn limescale since day one. This sponge has removed pretty much all of it — got so excited that I ran around the rest of the house looking for stuff to clean with it. Incredible value for the money and I can’t rate it highly enough. It also cleans itself really easily — other similar products have sadly had to be binned after one swipe of the oven door. Not this one. @NT

Get it from Amazon here.

2. Automatic glass rinser, easily attachable to a sink

Featuring a sleek, modern design, this glass rinser will save you not only time, but you’ll feel like a kid — it’s so fun. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to install. The high-pressure jet of water from the 10 powerful spraying holes washes a cup in just a couple of seconds. The rinser is made of safe and sturdy food-grade plastic and can be used for coffee cups, baby bottles, juice cups, mason jars, etc.

Customer review:

My husband says I spend money on unnecessary things that he actually loves.

The assembly was so easy, I was able to do it myself. The best part is that my husband says that I buy things that are not entirely necessary to have, but he absolutely loves the items that I buy. So, yet again, I have won this marital debate on the “absolute waste of money” vs. “I love this item and will not admit it because you were right.” It sprays the gunk and residual drink from all of our cups. it. Your spouse may say, “WHAT DID YOU BUY ON AMAZON THIS TIME...” but their realization at the absolutely amazing and realistic item that is installed on the counter, along with their facial expression in defeat, is completely worth it. Just buy it. @Taylor R Barber

Get it from Amazon here.

3. The silicone toilet brush

Classic hard bristle brushes should be a thing of the past, they get too messy, and they’re hard to clean. We present to you a modern version of it, the silicone toilet brush. Featuring a stable base and anti-drip protection, this is a pleasure to clean with. Elegantly designed, this non-sticky brush is durable and can get into all corners and crevices to take all the gunk out. As a bonus, it can also be mounted on the wall to save space.

Customer review:

Don’t think twice about buying this.

I’m actually a bit surprised as to how good this is. It looks great, and it reaches under the rim and farther down the bowl than any other brush can. It also doesn’t drip in the holder. Don’t think twice about buying this. This pack of 2 was cheaper than some single ones I’ve seen in shops. @J F

Get it from Amazon here.

4. The floor squeegee

Forget about sweeping or vacuuming. This heavy-duty patented floor squeegee is cast from silicone, has an anti-rust handle, and sports an adjustable knuckle joint. It gathers dust and crumbs in a jiffy and, thanks to its high-quality design, can be used for a long time. The 140 cm (4.59″) long handle eliminates painful bending, and the 45 cm (17.7″) wide-angle blade ensures perfect drying.

Customer reviews:

Truly amazing product
Literally leaves the floor clean and dry after one swap, no matter how much water there is. Makes life easier, no doubt. @mo

Love it!
Absolutely marvelous. I use this silicone squeegee with a cloth underneath it. This way, you can clean your floor and then wash the cloth out afterward. Love it. My white floor tiles in the bathroom and green tiles in the kitchen are super clean and dry after every push of the mop. Well done. Also, you don’t have to add all the partitions if you don’t want to. Ideal. @Cally

Get it from Amazon here.

5. The handheld electric spin brush

The hero of all brushes comes with 7 different types of heads, and it can replace all kinds of cleaning. It can scrub your bathroom, kitchen, and corners, it leaves windows shiny and spotless, and can even polish surfaces. The rotating brush has a speed of 300 RPM and the adjustable handle goes from 24 cm (9.44″) up to 140 cm (55.11″). It has a battery-level display function, and you can use it for 90 minutes before needing to charge it.

Customer review:

Brilliant results

I have a wet room and since it has a special nonslip floor, it is not the easiest surface to clean. It takes a lot of scrubbing with a hard brush, and that’s my least favorite chore. I jumped at the chance to try this electric spin scrubber, as I hoped it would make my life a bit easier. And boy does it do that!
It scrubbed away any dirt so quickly and with very little effort on my part, I just had to move it around to where I wanted to clean. I was shocked at how much dirt was lifted. The handle extends, too, so I could get into all the areas of the bathroom. Once finished, I took it all apart and rinsed the brush, leaving it to dry until the next time. This is one of the most useful tools for housework that I’ve come across. @Kitty Kat

Get it from Amazon here.

How often do you clean your bathroom? What’s your favorite cleaning hack that most people don’t know?

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