10 Seemingly Harmless Purchases That Actually Might Destroy Your Budget

Very often, people underestimate the role of small expenses. This is why we often get a feeling that when we’re trying to create savings, we need to cut down on certain types of expenses. But, in fact, most of the time, what we really have to do is analyze our habits and try to find cheaper alternatives. And sometimes, this can be very good for more than just saving money.

Bright Side has made a list of things that seem cheap and unimportant, yet they slowly but surely deprive us of money.

10. Liquid soap

A lot of people prefer liquid soap to good old soap bars. But there are no objective reasons to pay more for liquid soap. There are many bars of soap that don’t make the skin too dry, and there’s no proof that soap bars can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Of course, bars of soap are much cheaper to buy, so they are a better option if you’re trying to save.

9. Buying food in advance

Offers and discounts often make us want to buy more than we actually need. In the end, we throw away some of the foods we buy, canceling out any advantages of these discounts. There are many ways to prevent this from happening. You can make a list of things you need to buy (to avoid impulsive purchases), buy some frozen vegetables, and plan your menu for the following week.

8. Cotton swabs

Usually, to remove makeup, you need more than one cotton swab, so you go through packs of them very quickly, making it so you have to buy new ones at least once every few weeks. But there are better options now, such as swabs you can use every day. They could be made of bamboo, microfiber, or flannel, and you can wash them after each use.

7. Clothes for special occasions

Deep in everyone’s drawers, there are outfits that are no longer trendy, and sometimes, it may be hard to find the clothes we’ve never worn yet. According to studies, a modern person buys 60% more clothes than they did just 15 years ago. At the same time, we know that about 12% of clothes in women’s wardrobes are not used at all. All of this points to the fact that we should shop way more critically. For example, you can consider the idea of a capsule wardrobe, which can cut down on how many clothing items you buy.

6. Paper towels

The idea of paper towels to clean surfaces, such as kitchen counters, is tempting, but if you need to save money, it’s obviously not the best option. It might not seem like a big deal, but in the long-term, it’s much cheaper to use microfiber towels.

5. Pre-prepared steaks and salads

Meat and fish fillets, pre-cut vegetables, and salad mixes are some of the most prominent examples of marketers and manufacturers making money off our laziness. Despite saving lots of time and energy, it’s not cheap to buy such foods all the time. More than that, washed vegetables have a much shorter shelf life, and some washed and cut fruits have fewer nutrients because they come into contact with oxygen.

4. Bottled water

From a short-term perspective, buying a bottle of water is much cheaper than buying a filter. But in the long-term, filters are obviously cheaper. Of course, the frequency of changing filters largely depends on the quality of water you have in the region. But on average, filters should be changed once to twice a year, so this is definitely a cheaper option.

3. Gym memberships

Buying a year gym membership and ignoring it later is a very popular problem. According to studies, by the end of each year, about 37% of people make resolutions to work out more. But studies also show that more than 50% of people that buy gym memberships don’t actually go to the gym. So what’s the point of paying for the membership when you know you’re not going to exercise? Choose a type of exercise you enjoy and stick to it.

2. Useless beauty products

Anti-cellulite scrubs, lower eyelashes mascara, single-colored shades — the beauty industry does a lot of things to amaze us and make us want to buy more and more products. This is why in order to save money, we have to be critical thinkers. It was proven a long time ago that the effect of anti-cellulite scrubs is a myth, and pallets of shades are better to buy, and there’s absolutely no point in buying mascara for the lower eyelashes only. Try to be more critical about the beauty products you’re buying.

1. Shampoos and shower gels in plastic bottles

Shower gels and shampoos are often sold in very thick bottles that could be used for a much longer time than the products inside them. This is why you don’t have to buy new bottles every time you need more and can opt for refills. Thanks to the soft packs, they are usually cheaper than ordinary products. More than that, if you have special bathroom dispensers, this is a great solution for you.

Do you agree with what we’re talking about in this article? Are there points that you would like to argue against?

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