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11 Good Habits of Rich People We Should Be Adopting

Every millionaire found their own way to earn money and reach success, however, if we compare the habits of rich people to our own, it’s easy to see they have something in common.

Bright Side decided to share some everyday habits that all rich people have.

Playing sports

Playing sports is a habit that many rich people have. They spend about 30 minutes per day doing some kind of exercise. Most of the time they do cardio which includes running, walking, and riding a bicycle. Such exercises are good for the body and for the mind. They have a positive effect on the neurons and stimulate the production of glucose which is great brain fuel.

Aside from that, many rich people continue doing the sports they took up back in childhood. For example, Bill Gates has been playing tennis for many years now.


Everyone knows that millionaires are usually quite busy and don’t have much free time. So they don’t read just for pleasure, but mainly to gain new knowledge. Rich people often read literature about self-development, history, and biographies of famous people. Bon Jovi is a great example of a person who enjoys reading.

They have their own style of clothing.

Many wealthy people have their own style of clothing and tend to keep wearing the same clothes for many years. Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg explains it by saying that he wants to get rid of all the extra stuff in his life. He wants to make as few decisions as possible that don’t concern his contribution to society.

Saving money

Rich people know how to save money. They always know how much money they have. They track their expenses and know how much they earn. Despite the incredible amounts of money they have, millionaires understand their financial situation really well and don’t waste money on things they don’t need.

Public transport

Rich people don’t brag. In everyday life, all of them use public transport, and love walking and riding a bicycle. Bill De Blasio, the mayor of New York, proves this to be true.

They don’t buy brand new cars.

Even if a rich person decides to buy a car, they usually don’t buy high-end models to show off. They don’t change cars every year just because they can. They hold onto their cars for at least 10 years to get the full value of them. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio drives a Toyota Prius which compared to how much money he earns, is a ridiculously cheap car.

Waking up early

All rich people are early birds and they prefer waking up 3 hours before the start of their working day. Waking up early gives them enough time to do their everyday chores and rituals while still having enough time for family. The family of app developer Garrett Gee follows this rule.


Meditation is a great way to relieve the pressure. It has a positive effect on our mood and behavior, helps us to discover new creative ideas, and makes us feel relaxed. This is a great practice that many wealthy people use, like Oprah Winfrey.

Body language

Millionaires know how to earn people’s trust, convince others and reach success while communicating. They use body language that not only attracts listeners but also creates an image. Elon Musk uses these tricks, and so did Steve Jobs.

Not watching a lot of TV

Rich people watch a lot less TV than poor people do.

All wealthy people are used to spending their work time and personal time in productive ways. So they prefer to read a book, take a walk, workout, or communicate with an interesting person. Young millionaire Garret Gee also says that it’s important to find 3 hobbies: one for making money, one for creativity, and one more for staying healthy.

Making plans

All rich people say that no matter how much money you lose, you can always earn it again. But there is no way of getting back wasted time. If you don’t have a clear plan ahead of you, you can’t reach success. The golden rule is, “The right plan prevents bad work.” This is why all millionaires plan their time, make to-do lists and set goals for every day. Steve Jobs said that patience and planning are the keys to success.

Which of these habits would you like to adopt? Tell us in the comment section below!

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