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12 Tips That Can Make Wearing Any Shoes Feel Like Walking on Clouds

We’ve all been in a situation where we own a pair of shoes that look great on the outside but tell a whole different story once you put them on. But while these shoes may be uncomfortable, this doesn’t mean you should give up on them. You’re about to learn some amazing yet simple tips to help you wear any type of shoe without suffering from discomfort.

We at Bright Side are sharing the simplest tricks to make your pairs of shoes instantly more comfortable.

1. Use heel caps to make the platforms even.

Shoes that have been worn for years are prone to heel damage, which can also make walking in them uncomfortable. So before you get into your favorite shoes that are many years old, check the heels. If they’re uneven or damaged, get heel caps and put them on the heels.

2. Use denim to patch torn heel lining.

Give your shoes a quick fix when the heel lining tears or wears out. Denim is one of the best materials to use for this because it’s both durable and comfortable. You can also sew denim onto undamaged lining just to give your feet some additional comfort.

3. Use conditioner instead of polish because it will soften the leather and make the shoe more comfortable.

4. Apply deodorant to the sides of your heels to slide them on with ease.

Sometimes putting on tighter shoes can be challenging and a bit painful. Applying deodorant on the sides will help your feet slip into the shoes easily.

5. Apply deodorant to prevent blisters.

Deodorant has another magical power: it lessens the friction you feel when wearing your shoes. Less friction means less of a chance for blisters to form. Apply it wherever your feet are prone to getting blisters.

6. Put on 2 pairs of socks and walk in your shoes at home.

If your new shoes are a bit tight, there’s an easy fix. Put on 2 pairs of socks and wear your shoes at home for a few hours for 2-3 days in a row. This will stretch the shoes out so that when you’re ready to wear them they’ll fit just right.

7. Put lamb’s wool inside the shoes to prevent feet from sliding.

If your shoes are a bit larger or they stretch as you wear them, your feet will start to slip forward. Put lamb’s wool material inside the shoe to help the sliding as well as provide extra comfort.

8. Dust your feet or shoes with baby powder to prevent blisters.

This is another trick to lower painful friction. Before you put on your shoes, either dust them or your feet with baby powder. This will also help with absorbing any moisture, which is another reason for blisters.

9. Place dryer sheets in the shoes for absorbing sweat.

If your feet sweat a lot when wearing shoes, you can place dryer sheets inside them. The dryer sheets will prevent sweating and can absorb the moisture. Your feet will be dry and safe from blisters and painful sliding.

10. Use moleskin tape to make heels more comfortable.

Moleskin tape is perfect for any type of shoe. They’re also great for shoes with strips because they can be easily adjusted to any size. It’s easy to use and will keep your mind off your blisters. Plus, the strips never feel tight.

11. Use the extra hole for the shoelace to prevent blisters when wearing sneakers.

Some sneakers, especially the kinds we wear for running, can easily give us blisters on our feet. Using the extra hole for the shoelaces will give additional support and prevent friction.

12. Place Band-Aids on the sensitive spots to prevent blisters.

Band-Aids are a great choice for preventing blisters in shoes that have a low heal backing. They reduce friction and protect the spots from blisters.

Do you have a few tricks to make wearing shoes more comfortable? Which one of the tips above do you prefer?