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9 Washing Accessories That Might Make You Wonder Why You Didn’t Use Them Before

In advertisements, we see perfect people whose white bedsheets remain white after washing, the stains they treat disappear as if by magic, and their washed clothes look like they are still brand new. And in real life, our lighter-colored clothes strive to borrow a little color from the dyed ones. But it turns out that there are helpers that can make sure that the fabrics won’t fade or deteriorate. And this is not some kind of a potion or magic trick, but something that you can easily buy on the internet.

Bright Side read user reviews about washing accessories, dismissed all the useless devices, and salvaged all the secrets to the art of doing laundry.

Color catchers

Color catchers that are manufactured by different companies work according to the same principle — they gather dye particles that were washed out of clothes. They’re also useful in a situation when multi-colored clothes are washed together. For example, you don’t want to turn a white sundress with a red floral print into a pink one with a less bright pattern. Just put these sheets into the washing machine, and your clothes won’t fade. But unexpected situations can also happen.

  • My wife attempted her first mixed color wash today. Not only did the washing tablet get stuck on the drum lid, but the color catcher also popped out, and now everything is slightly pink. © howef / Reddit

“I just discovered color catcher sheets and they are amazing! I washed all these fabrics in the same load of laundry but nothing bled!”

Color catchers can be both reusable and disposable. But it’s better to use the color catchers that are supposed to be thrown away after each wash. Also, these color “magnets” are produced both for colored clothes and for white ones.

  • “At the laundromat, they gave me weird white napkins. I didn’t know what they were for. I copied the other clients — I put them inside the washing machine before starting it. Only a few years later, I found out that these were color catchers.”

Some people make color catchers themselves. Here’s how: take 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of baking soda for washing, and a piece of white fabric. Mix water and baking soda. After dissolving the baking soda, put the fabric in the liquid. After the fabric is soaked, dry it, and then use it for washing.

Accessories for washing shoes

“Washed my shoes in the washing machine (I’ve learned my lesson).”

When we want to wash our favorite pair of sneakers in the washing machine and not by hand, we often wonder whether they will fall apart. In order to preserve the appearance and functionality of the shoes, it turns out that it’s worth placing shoe trees into them.

After you put the shoe tree inside, for example, a sneaker, it’s better to place your shoes in a special case. This can be a case with special features for additional cleaning, or just a bag that will protect the shoes from unnecessary exposure, and the washing machine from small parts that may come off the shoes.

And those who don’t think that these gadgets are enough can look for a special shoe washing machine, which, by the way, is not very low-budget. Also, similar bags can be used for washing clothes.

Balls for washing

It turns out that balls should be put into the drum of the washing machine not only when you wash down jackets in order to whip up the filler and knock out dirt particles. You can also use these balls, like the rubber balls with pimples, to make towels and terrycloth things soft and fluffy.

Having plunged deeper into the internet, we discovered more creative inventions. For example, an anti-lime ball. A raised eyebrow with a silent question about what kind of device this is, is probably a popular reaction for many internet users. But we found comments from people who’ve used a similar tool, and here’s what they had to say about it.

These balls are used in washing machines and dishwashers to minimize limescale build-up. The description says that the ball contains magnets, and the field they create fights the limescale plaque.

Bags for washing bras

The devices for washing bras have been invented for girls who don’t want to wash their lingerie by hand. Various bags and covers of all shapes and designs were created to protect the shape of the undergarment.

There are also laundry balls and silicone covers. The main difference between these and fabric bags is the absence of zippers. This means the links or sliders won’t snag on or rip other clothing, which judging by the reviews is a pretty common problem. In general, users actively praise both silicone and fabric covers and balls.

Portable laundry gadgets

And at the end of our compilation, we’d like to share one of the creations of the human mind that can finally free up space in small city apartments and that will be useful for those who like to travel. There are portable washing machines that shrink like a collapsible bucket. And this gadget can even fit into a suitcase.

There is also something called a portable washing stick. Yes, this one also exists. This is a great hiking or summer country house option when you don’t want to wash clothes by hand, but there is no washing machine nearby. The stick at the end is equipped with a mechanism that, like a plunger, draws in water. Pressurized water then flows through the clothes, and cleans them. This is such an easy way to save money on a washing machine.

What kinds of tricks do you have for washing clothes?

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