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15 Amusing Animal Reactions That Can Easily Cheer You Up

Pets sometimes have very strong personalities, just like people do. This type of animal is very easy to spot because of how emotional they can be with the world around them. From a dog that’s beyond passionate for digging to a cat that goes into full derp mode over his toy, our furry friends never fail to wear their hearts on their sleeve.

Bright Side caught sight of a few extremely expressive animals online and brought their photos here for your enjoyment.

1. “He was so excited to run for the bubbles.”

2. “Oh, the drama! Dinner is 1.5 minutes late.”

3. “Got my cat a tent and I think he likes it.”

4. “She’s been like this for a good 15 minutes because she saw a bird.”

5. “He usually gets a bit of chicken or pork in his bowl if we’re having it. The salad did not go down well.”

6. “Wakes me at 5 a.m. for her walk. This is the walk.”

7. “My friend opened his bathroom door to this.”

8. “Doggy daycare gives him the zoomies.”

9. “Made a friend and he’s being extremely cool and normal about it.”

10. “When there is so much grass your cat doesn’t know how to chomp it.”

11. “He really loves digging.”

12. “I actually captured the moment when Kevin’s brain came to a screeching halt.”

13. “My young labrador looks so tired in the morning.”

14. “When the temperature is high but the excitement for a toy is higher.”

15. “4 stages of patting a husky: shock, reluctance, enjoyment, and smugness”

What’s the most hysterical reaction you’ve ever gotten from an animal? Do you own a particular dramatic pet? Leave your best tales and photos in the comments so we too can react to them!

Preview photo credit Mission-System2590 / Reddit
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