15 Animals That Refuse to Be Known as “Good Boys and Girls”

Sometimes, all it takes is you leaving the room for one second for the precious new potted plant to be knocked over. Other times, your neighbor’s cat plays a long-running game of screaming at your kitty through the window. Animals are unpredictable, but that’s what makes them fun.

Bright Side isn’t Santa Claus, but we too made a list to find out who’s naughty and nice, and the results are in.

1. “I went to the supermarket and saw this.”

2. “Knowledge is power.”

3. “Dog stole Kitty’s bed. A story in two parts.”

4. “My neighbor’s cat drops by every once in a while to stick his head through the window and scream at my cat.”

5. “I had to put out a decoy keyboard so my solar keyboard could charge.”

6. “Caught him stealing a slice of beef cheek this taco night.”

7. “I think I’ll sit here.”

8. “I wasn’t planning on going anywhere anyway.”

9. “Left the kitchen for 2 minutes.”

10. “My cat sat in the letter tray and it collapsed. When I heard the crack, I saw him pretending like nothing happened.”

11. “Caught white-handed, eating paper towels”

12. “Photographic evidence of my boyfriend’s cat trying to steal my cookie”

13. “That one time my Great Dane tried to convince me she was on cloud island and didn’t destroy her bed.”

14. “Ripped the curtains down, looked me directly in the eye, and started playing with them.”

15. “Zion has ripped our nephew’s ball to shreds and is now wearing it like he’s in Silence Of The Lambs.”

Do you have any pets? Describe their personality in 3 words. Our comment section will be much lovelier with your favorite stories and photos of your pets in it, so jump in!

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