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15 Bad Boys and Girls Confessed to Being Naughty After They Were Caught Red-Handed

You might find it hard to believe, but chickens are intelligent beings — and that’s a fact. Something less hard to believe is that chickens can be pretty naughty. They love attacking kittens or going to the bathroom where they shouldn’t. And other animals, like fish, aren’t too far behind. They also have a natural disposition for mischief and getting into trouble. But it’s not too hard to catch them red-handed. And for these mischievous attitudes not to go unnoticed, owners decided to hang signs on these animals, confessing to their crimes. Let’s see if that teaches them a lesson.

Bright Side browsed through some of these pics and gathered 15 amazing images of chickens and fish who were caught misbehaving.

1. “I terrorize the tiny human for fun.”

2. “My owner had to buy eggs at the grocery store because I’m a freeloading slacker.”

3. “I was a lonely little pygmy sunfish doing my wiggle dance for no one. Then a little female came to live in my tank. I bit her. Now she just hides from me all the time.”

4. “I swallowed a mouse whole.”

5. “I like to splash/spit water at people near my tank.”

6. “I like to hide in the moss balls and give the fish-sitter a heart attack. It’s funny!”

7. “You were out late last night! Let me sing you the song of my people before sunrise.”

8. “I’m a jerk to everyone so now I’m alone in this tank.”

9. “Complaining loudly completes me.”

10. “I’m a fat piggy who ate all the snail food even after I ate my dinner. DO NOT feed me.” — Olympia

11. “I like to chase and bite the kitties.”

12. “I’m afraid of my own wife who is considerably smaller than me.”

13. “Got scared of the plumber on the roof and attacked Mummy.”

14. “I sneak inside and poop on the floor.”

“I clean it up and think it’s delicious!!”

15. “My humans call me ’bossy’ and ’aggressive.’ If I were a rooster, they’d say I have leadership skills.”

Do you have chickens or fish as pets? Are they as naughty as the ones in this article? Or do you have any other animal friends who should be “denounced” publicly? Share their misdeeds and pictures with us in the comment section!

Preview photo credit TheSparklyhead / Reddit