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15 Comics That Remind Us That We Are Responsible for Those We’ve Tamed

Getting a pet is a big responsibility. Unfortunately, not all people understand this. Some of them turn out to not be ready for the fact that life with a 4-legged friend not only means purring or long walks around the city. It also means caring about a pet’s health and well-being and a readiness to be nearby no matter what.

We at Bright Side wish every fluffy pet had a loving and safe home. That’s why we created comics showing how important the role of a human is in the life of an animal.

Keeping a pet is a big responsibility. Before adopting a kitten or a puppy, make sure all the members of your family are ready to take on the responsibility.

A living present is normally a bad idea. And, of course, we shouldn’t give these surprises to little kids, especially if their parents don’t want any pets.

The balcony is not just a TV set for cats but also a territory that is full of potential dangers. But you can protect your pet from disaster.

An exotic pet is unaware that your new shoes cost a fortune. That’s why you should do your research before adopting one and get ready properly if you think you’re ready to make this commitment.

Your pet can’t tell you that they are in pain. Pay attention to changes in their behavior.

Don’t leave your pets alone in a locked car.

When it comes to the health of your cat or dog, a vet is the best advisor, not your neighbor.

Don’t leave those who depend on you, no matter what.

People abandon not only ordinary animals but purebred, gorgeous, expensive, and trendy ones as well. Love your fluffy friend no matter what they are.

Life is not always smooth and easy. Don’t let your pet have to figure this out for themselves.

It’s hard for a cat to be pregnant regularly and give birth to kittens. Think about spaying and neutering.

It’s scary to lose your loved ones. No one is safe from it and that’s why you should make an appointment as soon as possible to learn about microchips.

Don’t be the reason the number of stray dogs grows in your city.

No, it’s not just a cat or a dog. Give yourself some time and don’t be afraid to get a new friend. They will bring color back to your life and you will make them happy.

Every pet deserves love. Remember that it’s never too late to let a 4-legged friend into your life.

Do you have pets? How long ago did they appear in your life and how much have they changed it?

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