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15+ Loving Humans Who Have No Limits When Spoiling Their Pets

While an ordinary bed from a pet store is probably the only piece of “furniture” that many cats and dogs have, some people go farther and give their pets something truly special. Bunk beds, crocheted couches, camping tents, and even fully furnished rooms of their own — these are just a few exotic things humans buy (or even make themselves) to show their limitless love for their pets.

We at Bright Side found 16 lovely pieces of fancy pet furniture, and we can’t wait to find something similar for our own cats and dogs.

1. “Cat bedroom is complete! Shh, the TV is on!”

2. “My aunt made a couch for my cat, Pippin.”

3. “A premium camping store in Tokyo had this for pets. We bought it for our girl, Luna, with no hesitation.”

4. “My cats have their own tiny apartment.”

5. “Had to bribe him with baby carrots to get in but he’s learning to love it.”

6. “A tiny bed I found at a flea market for $5 — they said it was for dolls. I painted it white and added a decal of her name, Gally.”

7. “Received a cat swing for Christmas, and it’s safe to say we both approve.”

8. “Made a dog house for my best buds.”

9. “Another cat tree I just finished”

10. “My boy on his couch”

11. “Got this made for my cat, Beau. Wanted something high quality and modern.”

12. “My 10-week-old foster babies enjoying their new paw-lor”

13. “My old friend needed a new bed, so I made him one!”

14. “My dad built my cat her own bed for Christmas!”

15. “I’m a carpenter and had a free weekend, so I made my dog a bed.”

16. “My wife convinced me to make our kittens bunk beds, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

What’s your favorite way to spoil your pet? Tell us in the comments!

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