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15+ Photos That Prove Cats’ Love Is a Beautiful Thing

Cats get a bad rap sometimes, mostly because they seem unfriendly. But a study showed they can bond with people just like dogs do. In fact, some give the best hugs and others insist on sleeping on your lap.

Today, Bright Side brings you a collection of photos featuring some of the most loving cats ever. You’ll never underestimate a cat’s cuteness again after this!

1. “Rate my new phone holder.”

2. “My rescue cat assuring my recently adopted pup that she will be all right and is now in a home full of love.”

3. “Got a second cat to keep the first one company while we were gone. This is the result.”

4. “My roommate is very polite.”

5. “10 months ago my dad said we couldn’t keep it.”

6. “I sprained my ankle, so my cat decided to elevate her paws in solidarity.”

7. “Had trouble finding the cat, gave up, then checked on my daughter...”

8. “Wondering if she likes me...”

9. “Somebody told me that Bengals aren’t good cats to cuddle with. Khari thinks differently.”

10. “My girlfriend’s cats hold paws while they sleep.”

11. “My big orange lad enjoys when my classes get cancelled!”

12. “My big cat hugging his little kitty sister!”

13. “She meows until I hold her. Then she falls asleep.”

14. “My cat comes downstairs at 11 P.M. every night to fall asleep like this on my dad (a self-proclaimed dog person).”

15. “Looks like my niece will be sleeping soundly for this trip.”

16. “Moo likes to hug people.”

17. “My cat really likes the foster kitten.”

Do you have a cat? What’s the sweetest thing you’ve seen a cat do? Although we want to read your stories, we also love cute photos. So share them in the comments if you have any!

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