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15+ Pics That Prove Owning 2 Cats Is Never-Ending Fun

Cats are not solely independent, solitary animals. In fact, they get bored when left alone, which is why having 2 cats is always a better option, as they keep each other company. Also, when you have 2 cats around, you’ll be amazed by how they bond and entertain each other, and it ends up being a never-ending fun adventure to watch.

Every one of us at Bright Side loves fun, and putting a smile on your face is what we love doing, so we decided to share this compilation with you that proves having 2 cats is a never-ending source of fun.

1. Adopted a kitten, it seems he’s fitting in just fine. Or maybe a little too well 😂

2. Me and my buddy taking a selfie.

3. Spider-Man kiss.

4. If we fits we sits.

5. “I need some space.”

6. The vet is SO scary!!

7. Window-hunting together.

8. Tried to capture a moment of friendship and peace.

9. “I need some space to yawn and stretch, please. Stop being such a bully.”

10. Squirrel-watching position 🐿

11. “Told them a funny joke, my cats have a sense of humor.”

12. “Couldn’t find them anywhere. Then I checked the bathroom closet.”

13. My cats, before and after

14. “Cheeseeeee!”

15. The calm before the storm...

16. “Ladybug in the bathroom?! Hunting mode activated!”

17. “My girls made a heart. ❤️”

18. “I got a little boy for my big boy to have a friend to love and play with, but my big boy is a sissy and would prefer to be left alone.”

19. This cat’s selfie game is on fire.

Have you had instances of your pets acting funny, that made you laugh out loud? We would really love it if you could share your stories or pictures with our community.

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