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15+ Unique Birds That Can Stun You With Their Beauty

On Earth, we can meet birds of many different colors, from ones that look like tiny cotton balls to ones that wear almost all shades of the rainbow on their feathers. We just can’t stop thinking about how much nature loves to experiment with their coats, so we suggest you admire some of their most incredible looks together.

Bright Side would like to share 17 photos of gorgeous birds that will satisfy your hunger for beauty.

17. A strawberry you can't taste

16. This cutie is a real dwarf bird.

15. This deep blue looks almost unnatural.

14. Gothic beauty

13. This guy looks really serious.

12. "This is just fluff, not extra pounds."

11. When you're a bit weird but still handsome:

10. More colors, more beauty

9. Just look at this crown!

8. Seems like someone put on too much mascara...

7. We all dream of having such long legs.

6. A guy with a very beautiful beard

5. Lava colors

4. This little one caught a rainbow with its feathers.

3. Pure fluff

2. This bird has a couple of tiny wings on its wings.

1. 50 shades of blue

Have you ever managed to take photos of unique birds? Please show them to us in the comments!