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17 Pets Who Have More in Them Than Meets the Eye

Every pet owner has witnessed their seemingly normal furry friend turn into a Looney Tunes caricature all of a sudden. But surely not every one of them could hold back tears of laughter while looking at these derpy faces and ridiculous situations their pet got themselves into.

Bright Side collected photos of pets’ stunts that would even put a smile on the most jaded viewer.

1. “My Golden brings me this old rug every time I come home to wish me a warm welcome.”

2. “This is my mom’s dog, Dixie. She is exactly as smart as she looks.”

3. “My beautiful cat”

4. “Bowers’ smile melts my heart”

5. “Phantom of the opera”

6. That one friend who always photobombs the serious photos.

7. “My friend’s pet is very shy, especially around other dogs. Today was his first doggy daycare. This is the photo the dog sitter sent to him. Guess where he is in the photo?”

8. “She didn’t feel the morning motivation.”

9. “Trying to snap that perfect pic.”

10. “One of our calves really wanted to be in the sunset photo.”

11. “I think my cat is broken. How is she comfortable?”

12. Gotta love that derpy grin.

13. “Thought my wife was getting a kitten, not a furry judgmental parrot.”

14. “We’ve only had our puppy for 2 weeks, but our chocolate lab is already worn out.”

15. The cat is not impressed.

16. “This is Ace. He went to his first-ever baseball game AND got to try a hot dog.”

17. “My cat every time she tries to enter the bathroom...”

What pet do you have, if any? Share your amusing stories and their pics with us!

Preview photo credit WunupKid / reddit
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