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18 Parrots That Landed Right at Our Doorsteps to Cheer Us Up

If there were a friendly competition between dogs, cats, and parrots to find out which ones were the cutest, the outcome would be hard-fought. Although our furry 4-legged creatures are placed at the top of the mountain of charm and love, it’s hard not to feel the same affection for these birds. With their colorful feathers and witty yet affectionate ways, they could easily displace dogs and cats from their pedestal!

So, with that in mind, Bright Side put together a series of pictures that prove how parrots can be just as cute and witty as cats and dogs.

1. “My friends just don’t understand when I tell them that my bird won’t let me sleep in.”

2. “This is how Mango loves to sleep while my husband is watching TV.”

3. “This is Billy. He was hatched in 1993, 2 years before I was born. Billy was my grandma’s bird, but we grew up together, and eventually, I became one of the only people he let hold him. It’s hard to believe he’s 27 years old!”

4. “Piper wasn’t happy about being put in ’the bucket’ to get weighed at the vet.”

5. “Besties for life!”

6. “She usually naps in my neck where I can’t see her. I finally got to see her smiling and relaxing this morning. Yay!”

7. “25 years with this handsome guy — Happy birthday, Gray Ghost!”

8. “No, I didn’t scream all day, it’s a lie...”

9. “Peep seems to be enjoying the air purifier next to her cage.”

10. “The day she chose her human ❤️”

11. “I smell seeds.”

12. “Peachy and Ice Cube are 19-year-old retired lovebird babies. This here is like, 25% of their day.”

13. “Dad is definitely Carla’s favorite human.”

14. “I got portraits made for my lovies.”

15. “Soaking in the sun”

16. “I’m not touching it. I’m not touching it.”

17. “This is my lovebird, Rainbow. I’ve had him since I was in sixth grade which is a whopping 16 years. I don’t know exactly how old he is at this point but he’s been with me through thick and thin and I don’t know what I’d do without him! ❤️”

18. Enjoying the rain!

Do you have a bird at home? Show us pictures of them in the comments, we’d love to see!

Preview photo credit OhGodAGirl / Reddit
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