19 Animals in Love That Can Melt Even a Frozen Heart (New Pics)

One of the most heartwarming recent studies shows that not only do dogs dream, but they dream of activities and their humans. Other animals are also capable of showing their affection in the most touching ways.

The winter is coming, so we at Bright Side would love to keep you warm “inside and out” with adorable pictures. And wait until you see our bonus!

A loving family

A fence is not a wall.

What a Mother’s day should look like:

Don’t leave me!

I’m gonna tell you a secret...

He wasn’t feeling well and everyone wanted to help.

What are you looking at?

This passion:

The tenderness is real.

Take a nap, honey. I’ll watch the kid

Just my dog spooning my baby. Nothing to see here.

Hiding nuts all day can really wear you out...

Gimme a kiss

Night cuddles

Give me my friend!

A mother’s hugs are the best.

I came home from vacation yesterday, and my dog hasn’t left me alone since.

New parents

Bonus: He is looking at you with love.

Which picture had you melting? Be sure to share your own favorite animal moments in the comments section!

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