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19 Animals that Steal All the Thunder in Their Selfies

Keeping specific memories just for yourself to treasure can be wonderful, but being able to catch a beautiful moment and share it with your friends or with the world is also nice. Sometimes you just think, “everyone needs to see this” and you’re ready for that selfie, a task that can be difficult if you add an animal to the formula, but that makes it even more satisfying when you see the picture.

Bright Side has fun browsing the internet, and when we find humans and animals in the same shot, we stop, appreciate them one by one, and end up putting together lists like this.

1. “She is beauty, she is grace.”

2. “Selfie with my lovely floofer

3. “When you see a squirrel mid-selfie”

4. Stop working, human, we need to take a picture.

5. “Photogenic alpaca selfie”

6. “Daughter teaches dad to take a selfie”

7. Hold me and the camera

8. “Had afternoon tea with the alpacas the other day. Most obliging they were too...”

9. “I trained my Great Dane to take selfies with me. If I’m sitting and extend my arm with my phone in hand, she plops up next to me, leans, and gives the camera this look.”

10. “Selfie with Tom, the office/warehouse cat!”

11. “Surprised squirrel selfie!”

12. “Jill is the best.”

13. “My cat always likes to face backward, so mirror selfie it is.”

14. “I let a sloth take a selfie with my phone in the Amazon.”

15. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment since Belle and Snow White showed me how it’s done.”

16. “I took a raccoon selfie last week.”

17. “I just wanted a selfie with my cat.”

18. “10 hours at work. I was sore and tired when this little guy decided to visit and make my day.”

19. “Deer Selfie!”

What was the best selfie you’ve taken? Who would you like to take one with?

Preview photo credit merrell0 / Reddit
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