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20 Animals That Look Like They’ve Turned to the Dark Side

There are some animals that often become symbols of darkness, like bats or ravens. However, they’re not the only animals to draw upon the power of the dark side. Whether they’re completely or partially melanistic, have horns, sharp teeth, or boast captivating eyes, some animals look like they could join the top goth bands of all time.

We at Bright Side would like to share a fresh selection of photos of animals who look like they joined the dark side. They’re dangerous, strong, and elegant — and include a melanistic serval, a stygian owl, and a black arctic fox.

1. This looks like an album cover.

2. Death stare

3. The dark lord is living among us.

4. Dementowl

5. Dracula cat

6. It came from outer space.

7. Goth bunny

8. Rebellious teen

9. Lord Serval the Destroyer

10. Black Diamond

11. “I spy, with my little eye...”

12. “Come a little closer...”

13. Little dragon

14. “Where are you from, stranger?”

15. “Dare to disturb me...”

16. Supporting ’Dark Mode’ in the latest update

17. Staring into the darkness

18. It looks like the lead singer of a heavy metal band.

19. “I looked into those mystic eyes.”

20. There is beauty in darkness.

Have you seen any animals who look like they’ve turned to the dark side? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit Nick Richards/ Flick