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20 Animals Who Just Wanted to Sleep but Made Us Squeal Instead

Cats and dogs sleep almost the same amount of hours per day. Other animals, like koalas, have 22 hours of napping — and it’s just because they simply enjoy it. They all desire plenty of rest whenever and however they want. Yet some of these sleepy creatures are just too irresistible not to watch.

We at Bright Side have giggled endlessly at these furry balls who sleep peacefully and adorably. That’s why we’d love you to check out this photo compilation.

1. “We sleep with our toes to the sky.”

2. “They sleep like this sometimes.”

3. “They’re both exhausted on our family trip.”

4. “Ziggy and Nova taking a nap together”

5. Meet Paningning, a pup with an odd sleeping position!

6. “My little guy likes sleeping in his succulent.”

7. “She’s such a bundle of nerves.”

8. “This is how Winston sleeps.”

9. “My baby Grae fell asleep on my lap while getting a belly rub.”

10. These cats are like yin and yang, curled up fuzzily.

11. This little guy sleeps like you’re his relaxation coach.

12. “Almost 12 years and he still likes to sleep holding my hand.”

13. “My little bun is pregnant and all she wants is to sleep adorably.”

14. “How my kitten likes to sleep”

15. “My 2 male cats have a strong bromance.”

16. “This is how they sleep every day.”

17. “This is where my ferret decided to sleep yesterday.”

18. “Henry and Baloo sleeping sweetly in the golden hour”

19. “I guess Chino must’ve missed me.”

20. “My cats often sleep like this, cuddling.”

Which of the photos made you squeal the most? Do you have a photo of your pets sleeping adorably? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit Gumus33 / Reddit
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