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20+ Cuddly Animals Who Mastered the Art of Sleep

When our pets are asleep, they look especially cute and charming. They can sometimes sleep in such cozy positions that we want to lie down next to them and forget about everything we have to do.

We at Bright Side believe that healthy sleep is the foundation of productivity and positive thinking, so we just couldn’t walk past these adorable pets who know a thing or 2 about good rest.

When the little one is fast asleep:

Paws up

Growing up and sleeping together

Just chilling

“He’s ready for his bedtime stories.”

“Got myself a cat today.”

He had a rough day.

“My baby having a cozy nap.”

“Saved these 4 little buns.”

2 moms together

Sleep as art

Small boy, big paws

Monday mood

A majestic dog in his natural habitat

Yin and Yang

What would you call this position?

“She always sleeps in very strange positions.”

“I think I’ll sleep right here.”

He’s comfortable.

Not many can sleep this way.

“But I ordered shoes!”

Sleepy puppy

It was a hard day.

What is your pet’s favorite sleep position? Share their photos in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit AndyFeelfine / Reddit
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