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20+ Good Boys Who Know How to Do Their Jobs Just Pawfectly


Making sick children feel better in a hospital, fighting crime, herding sheep, and even licking stamps at a post office — it seems like dogs can do almost any kind of work alongside their fellow humans. So let’s find out what important jobs these good dogs are doing and how they feel about it.

We at Bright Side put together 24 photos of dogs who are really proud of their work.

24. A good boy on his first day at a new job

23. This is Jax. He's the official post office stamp-licker.

22. Stanley, the truffle-hunting dog is proud of his find.

21. This crime-fighting pup is in charge of the database of people who don’t give their dogs enough treats.

20. From living in a carport, covered in ticks, to now landing her dream job as a dog treat test taster — this girl is living the doggo dream!

19. "My local hardware store has a dog that follows you around and takes your items to the counter for you."

18. Emma works at a bookstore in Munich. She welcomes every customer with a nice, friendly bark.

17. Oliver’s job is to make people at the airport happy.

16. "I trained this good boy for Guide Dogs for the Blind and he’s a working man now."

15. This is Sunny. Sunny can detect a seizure for his owner before it happens.

14. "My sister-in-law’s service dog, Chicory, has attended every class with her as she pursued her master’s degree. This weekend, he gets to walk across the stage too."

13. An explosive-detecting doggo retirement party — the black and chocolate labs are retiring from service and the other 2 are their replacements.

12. Sampson is a service dog for a researcher who works in a lab. He has his own lab coat and safety goggles.

11. This is Max and he can alert people about high and low blood sugar based on changes in scent.

10. This is Indie. She herds sheep. She also likes to take a rest on top of said sheep.

9. "My good boy is doing a check-in during class."

8. This very good girl named Scout donates blood to help save dogs who need it.

7. This is Elvis. He can detect pregnancy in polar bear poop with 97% accuracy.

6. Ava the rescue dog is keeping it chill and safe on the slopes in Northern Arizona.

5. "My local baseball team has a dog that retrieves thrown bats."

4. At this university, Arthur and other dogs come onto campus to help out students who are stressed because of exams.

3. This good boy won the sheep herding competition.

2. Savannah is 11 and working at the airport is her first job.

1. These good boys and girls are waiting to enter the hospital rooms of sick children for animal therapy time.

We honestly had no idea that dogs could have so many different jobs! Are you familiar with any good doggos who have important jobs? Please tell us about them in the comments.

Preview photo credit AdmiralZhou / imgur