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20 Pets That Deserve an “Oscar” for Their Emotional Range

Researchers believe that animals are capable of feeling emotions such as joy, fear, love, despair, and grief, and pet owners agree with this, 100%. Check out the looks and muzzle expressions of the characters in our article yourself, especially #19.

As it’s easy to guess, we at Bright Side adore cats and dogs, especially the ones who don’t feel shy about sharing their emotions, just like the animals in this article.

1. “This is Betty and she hates every single one of you.”

2. “That look is her asking for treats, and she gets them.”

3. “Trying to take a nice picture in front of the Louvre”

4. “My husband thought installing these blinds would stop cats from jumping on a windowsill.”

5. “He just stared at me like this for 5 minutes.”

6. “Lily doesn’t like me taking pictures of her bunny butt, but it’s too cute!”

7. “My friend’s family is kitten-sitting for a while. Brutus looks VERY perturbed about his new roommates.”

8. “Kittyano Catarotti is singing ’O Sole Meow.’”

9. “I asked if he wanted to go for a walk the moment he woke up.”

10. The concerned face of a kitten who has learned what the bath is for

11. “Why don’t you go and sit in the cat basket, Karen?”

12. “The sad thing is this is her happiest face!”

13. “Managed to capture my usually handsome nephew looking super derpy.”

14. “Every time we walk by the stairs”

15. “Accidentally said the word ’walk’ while talking to my boyfriend.”

16. “This is how Ziggy tells me he wants water.”

17. “My dog looks like her love has been away at sea for 90 days, and she’s awaiting his return.”

18. “Ciri has absolutely no idea who ate the Christmas cookies while we were out shopping. She’s so mad, she can’t even look at the plate.”

19. “I said I wanted eggs and avocado for breakfast, not cat food.”

20. Minister of unflappable affairs

Please share photos of your pets who were captured the moment they expressed some emotion.

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